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Date:         Sat, 30 Sep 89 16:07:35 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     Do you really want to get out of your body?

     Right NOW?  Even yesterday perhaps?

     Would you like to be able to go wandering around and see what
everyone is doing in their domiciles?  Wander off to Europe or Africa
and see the Wild as it really is?

     Perhaps get off the planet and go out into space?

     Do you know how big the planet is?  Do you really have any idea
of how big the planet REALLY IS?

     Do you think you would have the guts to go visit a Super Nova?

     To be in the center and look out?

     Or would you prefer to stay behind your eyes?

     Its real safe in a body.  Oh sure you can be tortured and such, but
hell, its peace time anyway. You can always just stay in your
body and experience
just and only what a body can.  A very limited range.  On purpose.  Its good
for the body to not know and see and hear everything that's happening to
every BODY on Earth.

     Being in a body, you can do what body's do.

     If someone is screaming being murdered down the street you can always
go inside, close the door and turn on the TV.

     It works.  People do it all the time.  They call it their lives.

     Of course on the TV set you will watch play people being play murdered.

     But that's much better than the real thing, now isn't it?

     Imagine being able to see and hear everywhere you chose to tune into?

     Bah Humbug you say?  Um Hum.

     Those who have the courage have yet to be found to do the experiment
properly.  All the rest were hypocrites.

     Seeking the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for blackness.

     Look there are lOTS of people out there who think that all this
is humbug.  I did once.  But I didn't have an attitude about it.

     I wanted it to be true.  But I just couldn't see my way to believing it.

     The evidence against it was just too overpowering to make it fit.

     And boy was that sad.  Most of the jokers haven't even figured out
its sad yet.

     But no one had told me I had CHOSEN my birth.

     All my world views, all my possible conceivable world views
DID NOT INCLUDE that idea.  I don't think it ever crossed my mind.

     It was always something ELSE made me, or I just happened to
spawn out of biological mud, or some other goo. If there were all
these amazing (spelled natural) abilities then they were certainly
something I did not know about because I had never had any truck with
them before because I had never existed before this life and I knew very
well what I had learned in this life and it had nothing to do with going
off into the atmosphere on a body free ride.

     But if I CHOSE my body then I must have been out of it before it
was conceived.  Thus I had to enter it to get into the predicament I
found my self in.  (Marching off to Kindergarten, no doubt!)

     Thus my lack of expertise on in and out of body stuff was a matter
of memory and not a matter of never having had any truck with it before.

     Now if you look at your memory it will sure seem like you have never
had any truck with anything before this life let alone millions and millions
of years of lively history.

     That absence in your memory is very important.

     It is very similar to the body's 'biological' memory which, based
possibly in 'neurons' goes back only to conception if that far.
Thus perhaps when I run into that very certain nothingness checking out my
memory for skeletons, maybe its because I am looking at my body's memory
instead of my own.

     Of course if I AM a body, then the body's memory IS my memory and
all this don't make much sense.  Or is just a fairy tale.

     But you cant look at your body's memory and say 'see nothing's there',
and then conclude that you are a body.

     So you say, 'well I have looked for this other memory that you say
is my true memory, and I have come up with squat.'

     Yeah well.  Do it right next time.

     What's IN that memory you are looking for are recordings of moments when
you were NOT looking for it.  Look for that.  Get it?

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      9/30/89 No subject