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Date:         Sat, 30 Sep 89 19:25:32 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

                            SEXISM  PART 1.

     SEXISM is a violation of the Balance of Duties and Rights brought
upon by the misuse of superior ability at any and all levels of
existance by the superior being over the junior being.

     SEXISM is also the FORCING or INHIBITING of a BALANCED system of
Duties and Rights by a Superior being on a Junior being based on
something other than ABILITY.

     SEXISM takes place between any Superior and any Junior be they God,
Man, Woman or Child.  It can even take place between the Child at the
next level up and the God of the next level down.

     SEXISM is rampant at the lowers levels of advancement.  It is an
effort to survive at the expense of another or to usurp or fail to
employ another's abilities for reasons other than ABILITY.

     SEXISM is the effort to replace the Master/Apprehentice
relationship with the Master/Slave relationship.  To replace Teaching
and Learning with Domination and Submission.

     SEXISM is NOT saying that people are unequal, that some know more,
are more able, are bigger, are more advanced, are better, and are more
worth your while and efforts to salvage, help and co operate with.

     It is true that men DO treat women the same as they DO treat

     It is also true that men SHOULD treat women the same as they SHOULD
treat children.

                              From ADORE.

     You see it is unfair to challenge Adorian views as 'sexist' without
also balancing your attack by asking just what Adore has to say on the
subject of sexism and racism etc.

     Just because we consider kids less something or other than we are
as adults does not mean that we treat them in a sexist way.  Of course
we CAN treat them in a sexist way but that is pretty much independant of
their particular relationship to us as adults, their mentors and

     The Adorian view is an unhappy one to Mortals.  They want
everything NOW.  This is understandable because they don't believe that
there will ever be a THEN for them to get what they don't have now.  But
there WILL be a then, in fact an Eternity of thens, and everything you
do not have now you either have already had and did not want, or can
attain in the future through your own operating cause, work and honesty.

     Of course in postulating that a Master/Apprehentice relationship
exists between God and Man, Man and Woman, WWman and Child and even
Child and God, there is some statement that all are not equal to each
other, that each has something to learn from the other, and teach to the
other, and that there is a ladder of 'expertness' that one climbs up
through the ages.  Or down as the case may be.

     Adore also makes the astonishing assumption that the GMWC thing is
a CIRCLE, so that when someone has progressed up through the God stage
on any subject or aspect of life, he can if he wishes start at the child
stage again in a new subject of greater magnitude, greater scope, span,
depth and field.  Greater Responsibility.  And accountability.  Every
one wants to be president, but no one wants the blame of making the
whole country backslide into a dark ages.

     There is also the track OUT of this universe which is at right
angles to the track up the ladder of accomplishment.  Usually as people
go up the accomplishment ladder, they being to learn of the other track
at right angles OUT of this universe altogether.

     Thus, and this has been said a million times, and rejected a
million times, many women of great advancement find themselves
surrounded by men of very great decay or un advancement.  They get the
erie feeling that women are 'better' than men all the while the men they
are surrounded with are touting about how inferior women are, using,
abusing and throwing them away.

     It might be remembered that it is a characteristic trait of
unadvanced beings to mistreat those under their care or power.  A
society dominated by lower level people would naturally be dominated by
MEN because that's where their energies would be going, to domination.
Thus it happens that the few women who are very able in life also try to
make their way up the corporate ladder so to speak, and find themselves
at every turn surrounded by men who are grossly their inferior but who
otherwise should be their equal considering their equal positions on the
corporate ladder.

     Such a society acts as an upward filter.  Only the very best women
get to climb the ladder of advancement against the domination and
suppresion of the myriads of men around them (there are as many women
just like the men but they don't go anywhere).  Thus near the top of the
success ladder you will find only the best women the society has to
offer swamped by every imaginable male asshole you could dredge up.

     You can be sure in such cases that there is enormous SEXIST
supppresion towards women
and that the majority of men have risen way above their own
level of incompetancy.

     Of course the advanced men are there too, but they are as few
as the advanced women, and are harder to see, because they wear
the same clothes as the jerks.  Where as ALL the women high on the
corporate ladder are very advanced spirits swimming against the tide.

    But when the vast majority of people are unadvanced, SOMEONE has
to run the corporate ladder, and it is run like a Klingon War ship.
The women at the same level of advancement as the men have no ability
to fight the suppression (they were supppresive men themselves in past
lives which doesn't help their attitude)
and the women who do make it against the tide are only the best
of the best, the cream of the crop.  Those who have forsaken their own
petty and evil ways as men and have put ethics and honesty in front
of EVERYTHING, perhaps even their own lives.

     Only the Fearless and the Immortal live forever or even well.

     Sexism is not saying that men are better than women, sexism is
saying that you mustn't do what you CAN do BECAUSE you are a women.

     If the ability is there, and you are not allowed to operate it
because of your sex, then you have suffered sexism.

     This leads to great confusion until you accurately place yourself
on the ladder of life, and accurately spot men and women and children
(and Gods!) of your OWN caliber.  Within the same grade, Women are more
advanced than Children, Men are more advanced than Women, and Gods are
more advanced than Men.  Across grades however, it is very possible for
a Woman in a higher grade to be more advanced than a Man in a lower
grade.  It is even possible that a CHILD in a higher grade is more
advanced than a GOD in a lower grade.

     A definite sore point should be addressed here.  Adore is very
adamant about the relative size of the spheres of control that are
operated by children, women, men and Gods of the same grade.

     It says that the man is as far above the woman as the woman is
above the child.  It say that the God is as far above the man as the man
is above the woman.  And as usual it confuses us all by saying that
child is as far above the God as the God is above the man.

     Now surely it is not true that men are THAT advanced over women.
It is clear that both men and women are downright equal in most areas of
their lives.  So what the hell is Adore talking about and can we
countenance it.

     The answer is not so obvious and involves hanging a LOT of
attitudes out to dry.  Attitudes about our potentials and our proper
roles in the four categories and what life is really about.  (Certainly
not just 'getting along'!)

     Adore devides human ability into four categories, physical,
emotional, mental and causal (spiritual = total personal responsibility)
It aligns each of these spheres of control and action with the four
categories of Child, Woman, Man and God.  It says that each sphere is
contained in the sphere bigger than it and that the sphere of the Child
at the next level up encompasses the Sphere of the God at the next level

     It also implies that the size of each sphere is geometrically
larger than the sphere before it.

     Thus the Realm of the Man is not only bigger than the Realm of the
Woman, but is bigger by a greater degree than the Realm of the Woman is
bigger than the Realm of the Child.  And the Realm of the God is even
bigger than the Realm of the Man, and the Realm of the next Child level
up is even bigger by a greater degree.

     So where is all this ability that Men are supposed to have that
women are not supposed to have so much of.

     Now in the first place children are hardly in the Child phase
when they are born.  They are more like in the Nothing phase.  The
Adorian child is a 20 billion year old fully function spirit exterior
from his body who is operating through a new born.  That is hardly the
same as some schmoo who decides to bury his head in the Eternal sands
and forget it all as he gives the baby a permanent headache.

     So when you are comparing a woman to a child to see how much
bigger than a women a man is, you musn't take what passes for childhood
on this planet as your measure.  On the other hand, what passes for
woman would not be exactly Adore's idea of a good time either, so the
ratio of Woman to Child would take some serious thought and deep
insight into an ideal functioning SPPIRITUAL universe to get it right.

     No meatballs allowed.

     No vacancy for the vacant ones.

     So considering the difficulty in coming to a proper measure
of the ratio of a Woman to the Child, how are we to determine even a
good estimate of the ratio of a Man to a Woman?

     In the first place how many Men do you know are on their way to
a degree in God Hood?  None?  Well that's par for the course on Earth
except on a few mountin tops.

     But then how many Women do you know that are on their way to
a degree in Man Hood?  Surely I jest you say?

     Well then how many Gods do you know are on their way to a degree
in Advanced Childhood?  Not yours you murmmer.

     Ah well.

     Now Adore is a trife nasty on this subject,
but the first thing it suggests is that Men are not
developing their proper Realm because Women (namely their mothers) wont
let them.  Thus many men actually ARE equal to women in this
society at this time.

     But thats rude.  Let's see if we can find a better view.

     In the first place we must realize that the Realm of the Women as
defined by Adore is an ENORMOUS arena of activity.  It includes
lightyears and lightyears of space and time and things to be do and
have.  Yes it does have to do with the Home and the Hearth, yes it does
have to do with being the Master to the Child's Apprehentice, yes it
does involve not treading where Men and Angels dare not tread, with not
going where you would not take your child, with leaving the farthest
frontiers to the men.  This is all very general.  There will always be
some very very superior women who would prefer to be on the frontiers
with the men.  To not allow them to do so would be to waste their
ability and would be sexist in the extreme.  The men however might have
a Right to demand that you not get pregnant for the interim.

     So Adore's vision of women is not a caged animal with a leash and a
collar around her neck.  It is a Grand and Excalibur view of the scheme
of things where Mother Nature was not called Mother because she was
whimp (or a Dyke!)

     But surely Father Time is bigger than Mother Nature.  And that is
what Adore has to say about men.  Men have an arena of operation that is
impossible to the women who is taking operational care of a child.
A child is
totally defenseless.  Thus the woman must make up for the fact that the
child is missing on all four levels.

     The woman is missing only on 3 levels (she's working hard on one of
them!) and she can pretty much take care of herself up to a point.  Much
more so than the child can.  Thus the man is freed of the necessity of
PHYSICAL ATTENDANCE on the woman and can take off to more dangerous
quarters.  He can even take care of the woman and her child from a
distance because the woman does not need the physical presence of the
man as much as she needs his product.

     The Child on the other hand needs the woman around.

     The child is working on his total irresponsibility.  When he
succeeds he comes into the woman phase.
Just before he makes it, he no longer needs to be cared
for and can take care of himself to a very large degree.  He won't be
allowed out of the perimeter of the fort except on training missions and
he wont be assigned to much responsibility for others.

     The spirit in the woman phase is working on his Master of Defense.
When he succeeds he comes into the Man phase.  Maturity of the woman
phase means he will be responsible for the defense of those still in the
Child phase, and will be training them in dangerous games to prepare
them not only for the real world at large but also to take care of other
children later.  Children who take care of children do much better in
life than those who don't.

     Spirits in the woman phase often take on woman bodies but not
always.  Its the JOB that counts and not the body.  In general however
its hard to practice being a woman in a man's body and visa versa.  The
biology and the society are against you.

     Its not impossible though and from the looks of things it has
a lot of takers.

     In the Man phase the spirit is working on his Master of Offense.
It is the purpose of a man to SEEK OUT DANGER and conquer it before the
danger seeks out and conquers him.
If there is any real difference in the outlook and
abilities between women and men it is this.  Women are good at
defense, but they do not generally go out and SEEK danger.  They have to
be with their kids to defend them and she certainly would not take them
with her on her jaunts out to look for danger.

     The man on the other hand does not have to stay with the woman
because she is already a black belt at life, and his job is explicitly
to expand the frontiers, seek out danger and tame it before it comes to
him and surpises the woman and the child.  This mandate is GIVEN BY THE

     The God is working on his Master of Total Responsibility.  His job
is total Mastery of all aspects of the game he is approaching the better
of, and to create a new and higher Child state for him to enter in the
next game up.

     Since the spirit IN the Child state at the next level up has
already mastered this lower level, the next Child up is better than the
next God down and his sphere of control is bigger.  You can bet though
that the Child will be a bumbling bumble bee for a while compared to the
Women and Men and Gods that have already mastered the new level the old
God just entered into as a Child.

     Lastly it must be said again that on Earth, the human body with
it's travestic mimicry of the God, Man, Woman Child cycle is much more o
a hindrance than an asset.  In fact it may make some of this impossible
to operate fully.  On Earth people are mainly on their way down and out.
Each life they are born losing it all, knowing almost nothing, and each
life it becomes harder and harder to learn.

     It's easy to learn something the first time, but its harder to
learn it again after you have forgotten it for decades.

     Having a hard time with French?  Ever been a Frenchman? 1800's?
Did you Guillotine somebody?  They do it to you?  Were your last words
'Vive la France!'

     Yeah well, you wont appreciate french class when you get to second

     So what I am saying here is that sexism is a very important matter,
and in fact it is a major stumbling block at the lower levels of

     However if it is not sexist to say that the God is better than the
Man, or to say that the Woman is better than the Child, neither then is
it sexist to say that the Man is better than the Woman or that the Child
is better than the God.  Its only true within one grade anyhow.

     It IS however sexist to not allow someone to manifest their full
potential at their own grade and in their own sphere of control just
because you can and are able to suppress them for whatever really stupid
and silly reason you might have.

     It is also sexist to not allow those in a lower grade or earlier
sphere of control to reach out and try to exercise some wing spreading
in the next level up.  You have a Right to see that they don't break
their wings by biting off more than they can chew, you will get blamed
if they do, and they have a Duty to obey you if the heat is going to
fall on you, but they have a Right to go where ever they can and you
have a Duty to train them to do so.  However since you are the trainer,
if you say no, that's it.  The problem comes in when you have a trainer
who says no because they have a hidden agenda.  THAT is sexism.

     The agenda must ALWAYS be ABILITY.

     If you are equal to someone you are around, go for it.

     If you arn't, own up.  It is an ability of the higher levels of
advancement to know who is more advanced than you and how to follow
them, to know who is NOT more advanced than you and how to go it alone
or get them to follow you.  If you ARE more advanced than them and they
won't follow you because you 'are a girl', then let them rot.  They WILL
get theirs.  Just as YOU are getting yours.

     So before you endlessly yap and natter about what I have said,
please understand that I have said something NEW, that you have NEVER
heard it before and although there are an awful lot of views that stink
that superficially sound like what I am saying, they really have no
relationship and actually are the views of very unadvanced men and women

     So what does Adore have to say about sexism?

     Usually sexism is defined as treating people differently because of
their sexual differences.  This of course is a useless definition as
there are many things we do with men and women that we would abhor doing
to both.  In general there are some women who can do any thing that most
men can do, just as there are some children who can do anything that
most men can do also.  This does not mean that children and men are
equal only that the boundaries are not absolute and each has the freedom
to reach as far as they can with what ever abilities they can muster.
Sexism would be not allowing someone to use their abilities BECAUSE of
something that had nothing to do with ability.

     One example of something that is NOT sexist is that women are often
not allowed out on the hunt.  This is because wolves and tigers can
smell blood 10 miles away and the woman endangers the whole party if she
gets her period during the hunt.

     One example of something that IS sexist is paying women less money
for jobs they can do as well or better than men.  Nursing is such an
area where there is a lot of sexism.  Male nurses are often offered more
and paid more than female nurses in some areas of the industry.  The
women do not have the wherewithall to fight the situation and they just
sort of accept it.

      So to get down to brass tacks, just what does Adore say about

      Well shamefully enough the word does not appear anywhere in the
manuscript.  Perhaps it should.  However I can surmise pretty easily
what it might say on such a subject, as I know what it has to say on a
million other subjects just like it.

     Duties and Rights must balance.  This is operating Honor.

     Sexism then would be a form of enslavement of the affected party.
Slavery is always a matter of unbalanced Duties and Rights.  The slave
has the Duty to do such and such and does not have the Right to a fair
exchange for their work.

     Thus to FORCE women to do something and then to FORCE them not to
get payed in any form what they justly deserve, need and want, only
because you are stronger and bigger and more capable, is pure sexism at
its best.

      It would also be sexist to REFUSE to allow a person to do
something that they willing chose to do.  For example women were not
allowed to get an education many years ago.  They also were not allowed
to vote.

      So forcing a duty on someone while preventing the Right that comes
in fair exchange is sexist.  This is true whether between man and woman,
or between woman and child or between any two spirits of any nature,
where one is more able than the other and uses their greater ability and
advancement to hold down and prevent the advancement of the other.

     Also preventing a duty from someone who would willingly do it is
sexist, even if you GIVE them the Right that would otherwise come in
fair exchange.  For example women are given the Right to vote, but are
prevented the Duty of military service.  Fortunately things are changing
in this field.  Just about anyone is allowed to join the Armed Forces
and exercise their willing Duty, but even so women are kept in a
secondary role.  However IF the balance of Duties and Rights are in
correct proportion, it is not necessarily a matter of sexism that women
are not allowed to fight side by side with men.

     If someone prevents you from having a Right but also exempts you
from having the balancing Duty then this is not sexism, even if they are
able to do so because you are a woman and they are a man.  The bigger
and stronger has the right to exercise their will and ability on the
less able and less strong.  You don't have a Right to equal treatment if
you can not live up to the Duties of equal treatment.  If the bigger and
stronger force concludes that you would not do well at your duties, it
has a right to prevent you from that Duty and the attending Rights.

     It comes down to a judgement call on the part of the bigger and
stronger.  If they don't feel secure with you on the battle field then
out you go and you have little recourse.

     You don't get to be a soldier (Duty) and you don't get to collect
a soldier's pay (Right).

     Of course some men may SAY that you would not do as well when they
know damn well you would and they have a hidden agenda, and that IS

     Its a judgement call based on something other than ABILITY.

     So bascially sexism is not the exercise of good well founded
control by superior beings over their juniors.  Its when the balance of
Duties and Rights is destroyed in quest of the superior being to enslave
the junior, or when a balance of Duties and Rights is FORCED on you or
PREVENTED from you in the name of a judgement call that has nothing to
do with ability.

     It happens alot between sexes, because women are the smaller and
weaker.  Also the more dependant especially when pregnant.  But it also
happens a whole hell of a lot between mother and child, so what goes
around comes around.

     Adore does admit though that the being who has the greater Scope
Span Depth and Field (power and expertise) has the Duty to be
accountable for and thus the Right to wisely direct
the efforts of others
who depend on them and whose destinies effect each other.  If this
includes locking the junior in a cage for a while until they get
the idea that they are not to run out into the street or a mine field,
then that is what is indicated.  For a superior though to lock you in a
cage so as to drain the life juices from you with a straw so that they
don't have to work as hard is sexism at its purist.

     The relationship between Master and Apprehentice is not one of
'mastery' of the other person, domination, or submission.  Idiots wants
you to think this to make you avoid any contact with the
Master/Apprehentice relationship on either side.

     You all have something to learn, and you all have something to
teach, you know instinctively that there are people who know more than
you, and that there are people who you know more than.  You know that if
someone knows more than you you should listen to them when they give you
fair warning, and you also know you should sit at their feet while there
is time and learn what they have to give.  They have something to learn
from you too even if it is not as much.  They too have THEIR masters and
admired ones, and there will always be people who will sit at your feet
and consider you their mentor and admired one too in time.  Even now, if
you look for them and have the courage to take their destinies into your
hands, they are there.

     But as soon as people start sucking each others life's juices, then
you know you have trouble.  Perhaps women have been enslaved by men.  If
this is so, then men were the superior force both physically and
mentally.  They must have been spiritually short sighted though, as in
the end they will get theirs.  Probably come back as women and be kept
in a cage by their own sons.

     The men that enslave you now MAY BE your sons from past lives.
Thus what you do with your sons greatly affects your future and the
future of all women on the planet in this and their future lives.

     I have known many women who were more able than I was, more
intelligent, faster minds, greater breadth, scope, span, depth and
field, so I for one do not believe that all men are superior to all
women.  I have also known a LOT of women who THOUGHT they were hot shit,
but were merely shit.  All noise and no quality.  These women were so
far gone as to not be able to recognize a superior being in their
presence.  My aunt was one such person.  She even went so far as to
marry a man truely stupider than she was to confirm her world view that
women were better than men.

     He was a psych, and she was a psycho.

     They made a perfect pair.

     She admired no one, learned from no one, and had nothing to teach
except how superior she was and how the whole world had done her wrong.

     After my parents died in 1961 I went to live with these two for many
years.  Twiddle-dum and Twiddle-dummer.

     It's always the same old story.  Don't fall for it.

     Wisdom can always recognize greater wisdom and know its own worth
to those who seek to know.

     Small minds always consider bigger minds infinitely tiny.

     When you start catching yourself doing that, you are on your way
to becoming a bigger mind.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      9/30/89 No subject