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Resent-Date:  Mon, 02 Oct 89 20:50:19 EDT
Resent-From:  Homer 
Resent-To:    adore-l@ualtavm
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Me Tarzan, you Henry....

     Look, let's get something straight.

     Being a small percentage gay myself I have some understanding
of what it is like to be into people of the same sex.  Being a trans life
person, I also have a very good understanding of what it is like
to be into men from the point of view of being female.

     Hell I could be into dogs for all you know, but that doesn't
mean I should show up at the Justice of the Peace with a dog.

     Personally I am not against gays getting married and the job
benefits that come with that.  I am not even against children
being under the custody of gay couples.  I certainly would not
advocate taking a child away from a gay couple under any circumstances
just because the couple were gay.

     Also people should not be discriminated in a court during divorces
over this matter.  For example man and wife get married, have children,
man runs around fucking every whore in town, drinks, and beats woman,
woman decides or discovers that she is gay and takes up with another lady
and the court decides who should get the children.  The children want
to go with mama because daddy has been twiddling them on the side, yet
daddy has taken up with another lady like a normal het.

     I would vote in this case with the children.
I would not even vote with the children IN SPITE of the gay mother,
I would vote that the children should go with the mother even
if she were alone with no one.  In fact the gay partner makes the
decison easier because there will be two people caring for the
child instead of one.

     In general I would vote with the children.

     However under no circumstances would I place a new born infant
with a gay couple who came into the adoption agency out of the blue
and stood in line the with other het couples.

     In this sense I am prejudiced against gay couples, just as I am
against single parents or parents who were too old or too young or
suffered from some significant handicap.

     Getting a child from an adoption agency is not an inalienable
RIGHT that we all have by virtue of being a live.

     The life of the CHILD is the most important consideration, and in
my view children need and want parents of both sexes who are healthy
and able to function and apprehentice the child and who will live
long enough to not abandon the child before it is 18.

     Even GAY babies wish to have TWO parents of DIFFERENT SEXS.  A new
thought, eh?

     Gay couples do not fit the bill.

     And I care  absolutely ZERO about all their screaming and
yelling about what a bigot I am.  Those that do are hypocrites the
monuments to which are still not as tall as they go.

     They want RIGHTS, to have children, but no DUTIES, to fuck a woman.

     When I am no longer threatened by AIDS and I can walk
into a bathroom at Cornell and not find TWO men in the same stall,
I might consider not ribbing them quite as much.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm     10/02/89 Undelivered mail