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Date:         Mon, 02 Oct 89 22:59:02 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     What is the difference between the Master/Apprehentice
relationship and the Master/Slave relationship and don't
both always have to do with domination?

     Consider the new Air Force recruit.  He wants to learn
how to fly.  No one FORCED him to join.  He JOINED.

     So there is no slavery involved.  The recruit wants something,
and he has COME TO the Flight Master to give it to him.

     The Flight Master might give the recruit the once over and
reject him.  Is this Domination?  Does the Flight Master owe just
anyone his time?

     Assume the Flight Master likes what he sees and takes it upon himself
to train the recruit.  If the recruit gets killed while in the hands of
the Flight Master, who will be blamed?

     It the recruit recognizes that the Flight Master has many hours
of expertise under his belt, and many more hours of training others
lower than him on the ladder of accomplishment (some of whom have gone
on to surpass him) the recruit will follow the Flight Masters directions
to the tee and learn the lessons in the order presented to him.
Is this domination?  Is this good control?

     However if the recruit hops in his F-16 and proceeds to do
cartwheels down the runway instead of taking off like a normal chap,
you can be sure the Master will get on his case for it and possibly
FORBID it.  Is this domination?  Is this improper?

     How will get blamed if the recruit cartwheels into a public
restaurant killing hundreds of people?  What will happen to the
Flight Masters reputation.  What rights does the Flight Master
have in the matter of stopping unwanted behavior on the part of
the recruit?

     The proper Realm of Men is outward Mastery of the physical
universe.   THIS is domination.  Domination of the mountains and
valleys, the rivers and the forests.  It is domination of those things
that would dominate him if left to their own devices, such as the
winters and the rains and the volcanoes.  Much better to make
the volcanoe generate electricity for a city and have sensors to
tell when it is going to erupt then to let it destroy all without

     Notice that domination of the external physical universe
does not mean RAPING it.  There must be a fair exchange.  If you
take from the forest and do not return, soon there will be no forest.
But neither do you ask the forest for permission.  The forest does not
come to you with a purpose in mind.  It is there for you to mold out
of it constructively what ever you will.  To MAKE the forest produce
what is good for you AND IT.

     This may not be the most spiritual view of man's proper relationship
with the external universe but it will do as a usable definition of
DESIRABLE domination.

     The great artist does not ask permission of his paints or his
canvas to paint with them.  He might do so as a formality, but he
might also get locked up in a nut house.  He takes total control
over them and makes his paints and brushes do what HE wants them
to do.  Again if he does not fair exchange with his tools they
will wear out and break and he will be left with nothing.

    On the other hand if he does nothing with the tools, they will
never be made and never be used to create great beauty.

    Thus when domination is directed OUTWARD towards the physical
universe it might be argued that this is a proper thing.

    However when man is no longer able to sanely direct his
energies outward, he will turn his domination inward towards those
who are entrusted to his care and tutorship.

     Thus the Man comes to dominate the Woman, and the Woman comes
to dominate the Child, and the God comes to dominate the Man.
Each makes the lesser do its bidding, keeping the lesser down and
not training it to be come better that it was.

     Thus the world becomes a sad place.

     From Adore,

     Worship is what a Master does to a pig in a pen in the hope
that one day the pig will be better than He.

     Any celestial anybody has this dream.

     When domination starts to turn inward, what started off as a
Teaching/Learning thing ends up in a
Wanting/Doing thing where the higher party wants, and the lower party does.

     This IS slavery.

     And Mastership and Good Control come to have a bad name.

     It is a dark day on the planet when this becomes the norm.

     From Adore,

     The world idolizes you as Master,

     The world is worthy of your while as your Apprehentice,

     It's what you LIKE to cry about,

     Classy Tears.

     It's what you lost.

     You lost your High Masters, and

     You blamed your High Apprehentices, and

     Now NO ONE is pure before Source.

     From The Forgotten Book of the Dead,

     There is no one clean on planet Earth.

     The ones that are, are called Masters of Source.

     So let's cut the crap about Master/Apprehentice being
domination in disguise.  Let's also cut the crap about everyone
being equal to everyone and no one knowing more or less than anyone else,
and everyone being equally important, and everyone's beliefs are just
as good and useful and workable as everyone else's regardless of
what they are.

     This 'everyone is equal to everyone else' is a total failure
to discriminate differences between people and the importances and
significances attendant on those differences.

     In the last analysis everyone chose to be exactly what they are,
and they could have chosen to be anything they wanted to be.

     The LAST thing anyone ever wanted was to be EQUAL.

     Put the Teaching/Learning thing IN again, make it operational,
recognize where you are on the Immortal ladder of life, know who
your Masters are, sit at their feet and listen madly, ask questions,
be pesky, then go out and find people who recognize YOU as their Master,
and who need YOU to transmit what you have learned and expect them - even
demand of them - that they ask you questions and be pesky in return.

     From Adore,

     Spiritual energy arises from a balance of Idol and Worship
alone and with everyone else.

     Basic duty is to worship others as you have been worshiped.

     If no one has worshiped you, someone might want to get the
ball rolling.

     Worship is what we do when we Teach.

     Idol is what we do when we Learn.

     Those are the Adorian definitions.

     From Adore,

     The way to personal freedom is to exercise your ability to



     The Divine Ridiculous,

     The Divine Incredible,

     The Divine Impossible,

     The Divine Perfect, and

     The Divine Manifest.

     Divine means all powerful and self responsible good.

     Holy means CARE operating Divinity.

    Sheeze, and I thought I learned everything in High School.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm     10/03/89 No subject