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Date:         Tue, 03 Oct 89 18:47:48 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: The Spectrum of Rectum
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Sun, 17 Sep 89 22:23:19 MDT from 

     Spectrum of the Rectum.  Mark seems to have an anal fixation.
More reason for me to think he is a fag.

      He also never denied it and I have never known a true pure Het
to defend gays the way Mark does.

>>     You can not possibly know that what I say is made up.             e
>I most certainly can. If I were to tell you I have a blue, winged
>kangaroo floating around my apartment, what would you think, hmm?

    1.)  It's true.  We should go study it.
    2.)  It's false.  We should go study YOU.

   Perhaps you consider personal immortality to be similar to a blue
winged kangaroo in your room.  That's interesting because I really AM
Immortal and perhaps you really DO have a winged kangaroo there.

     Maybe we could let yours and mine mate and have more little winged
kangaroos and then the world would not be so doubtful.

     Anyhow I doubt that the comparison stands.  I see zero evidence that
Immortality is impossible or illogical.  Perhaps our lives are a monument
to its impprobability but that would be YOUR life, not mine now wouldn't it.

      The most improbable thing is someone saying hey come look at my
fully existant external physical universe.  Now THAT is a true psychosis
as the external universe never has and never will exist.  Its a hallucination
pure and simple and only the crazies believe in it.

     So when people claim how real the external world is just because
they see some color form in their conscious mind, you know that it is THEY
who are claiming to have blue winged kangaroos in their rooms and not I.
>>     I HAVE lived before and will live again, forever.
>A depressing thought, but thanks for warning us, at least!

     Not to worry.  YOU will soon be dead by your own reckoning.  Your
suffering will pass with the Dust in the Wind.

     Me on the other hand am destined to remember YOU FOREVER, and now
THAT is a depressing thought.

>I guess I just feel overwhelmed by the thought of how long it
>would take to analyze even one of your postings in depth, and
>give appropriate criticism to each of your "arguments".  By
>spouting absurdities by the megabyte, you are able to claim
>victory by default, since no-one is stupid enough to waste the
>time it would take to argue each and every one with you.

     Perhaps it would take you as long to analyse them in detail
as it took me to conjure them up, namely more than 20 years of non
stop thought and experimentation, some of which was totally life
threatening.  Have you ever realized something that almost killed you?
If not then you are strictly still in the baby leagues when it comes
to reality.

     Furthermore, you fail to notice that people are willingly staying
on the list.  Do you think they are so overwhelmed by the megabytes
of total absurdities that they can not remember how to sign off
a listserve or even not read the mail in their readers?

     tell listserv at ualtavm signoff adore-l.

     Try it, you'll like it.

     It is this last arguement of yours that shows me just how
stupid you really are.  The other people on this list probably
take the time to read what gets posted here, yes even by me and you,
and what I notice is that YOU signed off because you could not
assimilate it or find time to argue with it.

     Further it is absolutely absurd for you to say that every last
thing I have ever posted here is totally false.  In fact there is
quite a bit of it that it utterly unquestionable such as the material
on balance of Duties and Rights.  That you could read the whole
Story of Adore thing and the Quotes from Adore and make as your ONLY
comment that the whole religion was racist and sexist because it used
the concept of CO PILOT shows that it is YOU who are vapid and without

     It is impossible to have two pilots in one air ship.  If this needs
explaining I will condescend to the levels below mud and ooze to
explain it to you in very simple words.  But it would be a waste of time
because Mark Hayes is totally incapable of saying the words 'Homer is Right.'

     'Yeah your right Homer.'

     By the way the genesis of the Pilot/Copilot thing arises because
of the CHILD.  There is a passenger onboard your ship and it is your kid.
You are making decisions FOR THEM while they cant make them for themselvs.

     It is also a sign that there are TWO pilots on board that one of
them must be the co-pilot, strictly second in command and only takes over
if the pilot is incapacitated or if agreed upon under other arrangements.

     I never said that men were the pilots and the women were the

     Although I probably should have.

>>                       ... they have attained some measure of spiritual
>>power, they could give you nightmares if they wished for example,
>>they probably can get out of their bodies as they claim and some of them
>>could probably hurt your body from a distance with their minds.
>See, now how is a rational person supposed to argue with this kind
>of shit? Passengers will please fasten their seat belts, we are
>experiencing some turbulence...

     You can't argue against it.  You can only show possibly that
some people don't have it.  You can never prove a negative.
All it would take though is one person who could do it to throw
your little world into a BIG mess.  I doubt you would live through it.

     You CAN however take people who claim they can do it, and ask them
to demonstrate it for you.  If time after time they cant, all that proves
is your subjects are jokers.  It don't prove that the powers don't exist.

     You cant PROVE that you die.

     You can only prove that the body dies.  You cant prove that YOU ARE
A BODY.  You COULD prove that that you were NOT a body by getting out
of one.

     So Mark how come you are so god damn immature?

     Really you think you are so cool, but I can see right through it.
>>     None the less I have a duty to state my world view so that others
>>might at least consider it in their quest for peace.
>Sure, just like Bob Guccione had a "duty" to publish pornographic
>shots of Miss America (this was what he claimed, at the time).
>Fulfilling his "duty" gained him some big bucks;  your fulfilling
>yours gains you the satisfaction of regarding yourself as the New

     As A new Messiah.  Read the Reluctant Messiah by Bach.

     We are ALL Messiahs, and our job is help others become Messiahs too.

     NOT to become followers of other Messiahs, but to give Messiah hood
to others so that they can do the same.

     There are millions of others who would love to learn how to give
the gift of Messiah hood to others and to have it themselves.

     You Mark however are a piece of shit below which there is no lower shit.
To bad you are no longer on this list, cuz your yellow lilly livered
craven cowardice is lighting up the place.

     They say the Sun is yellow, because Earthlings are all cowards.

     That's false.  Its because MARK lives on Earth.

>>     The views that I propose on this list are very well thought out,
>>very VERY full of substance and in fact every one of them can be
>>proven if they are true.
>Suuuuure they can. Just get a signed note from the Tooth Fairy.

     Mark do you you think ANYONE on this list for a moment is taking
you one bit seriously?


     That statement is absolute, and you diminish your position by
chosing to argue with it.

     It is YOUR views however that can never be proven and that CAN
be proven.  So who now is the stupid one?

     God these assholes make my blood broil.

     You know Mark SAYS he is upset with me.

     I AM upset with him.

>>     Since you can not know if you die, since you can not prove that
>>you have never lived before, since you can not even prove that the
>>external physical universe is not just an apparency in your consciousness,
>>I must assume that your holding to those world views is an act of FAITH.
>And here we have a prime example!  In one stroke, you conflate
>rational inference with faith.  Religious proselytists often do
>this sort of thing;  claiming that if neither Belief A nor Belief
>B can be "proven", then both are equally "acts of faith".

     Rational INFERENCE?  May you be reminded that rational inference
does not lead to absolute certainty, thus if you chose to believe
in such things it must be an act of faith that you finalize your

     Without that faith there would always have to be some doubt.

     In fact this is my whole point.  The external universe IS
an INFERENCE and it just happens to be wrong.

     Some people just cant stand the chagrin.  That's all.

>Listen to this guy!  "Mortal assholes"!  Anyway, the problem with
>your claims is NOT that they're "unprovable".  It's that they're

     Logically absurd?  Well if thats so then they CAN be proven
false easier than anything in the world.  Logical contradictions
are the easiest thing in the world to prove false.

     So what means absurd?  That your life would be a meaningless waste
land of out ethics and poisoned hearts if you found out that indeed
you will live forever?  Can't stand the thought your memory has been
raped and you didn't even know it?  Sorry this trip is for MEN not whimps.

And you wrap your absurd claims in a lot of overinflated
>rhetoric, which was the basis of my claim that you are "content

     My postings are not content free.  They may be worthless, they
may be wrong, they may be unprovable, they may even be logically

    But they have a very exact statement of content which CAN be
studied to see if they are true, and IF they are true, they can
be proven.

     You see somehow I don't believe that Mark actually believes all this
shit he is wasting my time with.  It just doesn't hold together.

     He is too virulently opposed to it, and it is really a very harmless
sort of world view unless you go BELIEVING it with out proof.
But that is what he does all day long with his stupid external
physical universe anyhow, so trading one sin for another, big deal.

     Why would someone be so virulent about a world view that told you
you were Immortal, responsible for your own condition, that only you
determine your Rights and Duties, and there is no Supreme Being out
to get you if you do wrong, that you have an infinite number of
chances to get it right by your OWN judgement etc.

     Why in the world would any one HATE this view.  They might
conceivably regret that this best of all possible views was
unfortunately wrong, sad to say, but you would think they
would perk up their ears when they heard of someone actually
getting out of their body or actually demonstrating a power.

     One has to conclude that Mark is living a life of great
evil, that he depends on people being ignorant of their own
Heritage and their never knowing how they got here
or where they are going.  He also depends on people never
getting out of their bodies lest they catch HIM doing what ever
criminal bullshit he is pulling on people.

     You see it is only CRIMINALS who rail and scream at the coming
of the light.  They HATE the idea that people might become more free,
and more able lest they finally realize who has been doing them in and
come to punish the evil doer.  Mark must be running away from
a hundred intergalactic police let alone slews of Earthlings who
would gladly nail him and his Mortal asshole to a wall and pound
the shit out of it.

    Mark KNOWS this.  His life depends on YOU never finding out
who you are, why you are here and most of all, most most most most of all,
what you can do about it.

     You CAN do something about it.  You can do something about all
the Mark's you have ever known in your past trillion years who yelled
at you and screamed at you and tried to kill every Immortal dream
you ever had.

     Mark's message is that you HAVE to die, that you HAVE to CRY, that
you have to lose every friend you ever had, and one day all your
friends will have to lose YOU when YOU die.  His message is that this is
GOOD and that it is criminal to even think that it might all be a bunch
of phoney baloney.

     When you finally wake up out of your dream/nightmare you will find there
is much to confront.  It will mostly consist of the lies that the Mark-alikes
have built and defended and handed to you rolling down these millions of
years of civilization after civilization which eventually all went the
way of the grave because the Mark-bots kept at it, making you wrong,
arresting you for having a free thought, torturing you until you screamed
uncle and denied responsibility for anything.

     These poor souls who said that light was bad, that THINKING about
light was bad, that teaching others about light was bad will have
a Destiny without light.

     Especially the ones who were ALSO god damn faggots.

     Adore attacks the those that attack the light.  Adore does not
attack gays.  But if you ARE gay AND attack the light that puts you
about as high as you can go on Adore's shit list.

     If you want to be gay that's fine.  There is no harm in that.

     But don't attack the light.

     Don't attack Immortality.

     Don't attack past lives.

     If you are a man don't attack having been a woman.

     If you are a woman don't attack having been a man.

     Don't attack total responsibility.

     Don't attack the goal to attain Godhood and Messiahood for each and
every soul alive.

     And most especially do not attack the desirablity of Bi-directional

     You can question these things, you can ask for proof, but reality
does not OWE you any answers because YOU MADE it.  If you attack it you
will be met with total silence forever for free.

     You can't prove that any of it is wrong, you can only give up hope
that it is right.  You CAN however prove it is right when you are able.

     And finally don't attack others efforts to continue the search
inspite of your own personal failure and bitterness and left hand turn
towards permanent darkness.

     For this is truly great evil and will lead you into a pit so deep
and so dark that the rest of humanity will cover it over with tar and
build their cities and civilizations on top of you and your voice will
never be heard from again until the next great cleansing.

 Homer               Adore-l list        10/03/89*The Spectrum of Rectum