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Date:         Tue, 03 Oct 89 20:53:07 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      support
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     For the record I often receive mail either privately or on
the list expressing support for me (not necessarily agreement!)

     I read these with gratitude but I rarely answer them unless
they ask a specific question or take up a specific point.

     Thus it might seem that I spend all my attention on the jerks,
and ignore the more intelligent but possibly more silent majority.

     This is hardly the case.  Friends don't need reassurances,
only enemies do.

     Often when someone intelligent asks a really quality question
their posting may stay in my unanswered notebook for months until I can
come up with an answer worthy of their time.  Worthy of mine in any case.

     This is not ignoring you, I am sure you know this.  You ask questions
of me that one would not expect anyone to ever be able to answer and if
I do manage to come up with an Adorian answer you probably want it to be
as thorough and as on the mark as I can make it.

     It is the EASY stuff therefore that gets the FASTEST attention,
the Mark-abot writings that I have heard a million times, and have had to
answer a million more.

     Thus the apparency is that the noise gets answered and the
quality gets ignored.  Not so.  Not even vaguely so.

     The quality however is in a much different class from the noise.

     The quality questions are questions that no one has ever really
answered to any of our satisfactions for a very long time.  That I should
dare to even try to answer them let alone waste your time with them
is in itself amazing.  However the honor that you bestow on me by
challenging me with those questions is not lost on me.

     For me to give you quick pat answers that do not come from
the center of my soul would be a disgrace to that honor and a travestizing
of this list.

     Thus silence from me, means that you have asked a good one.

     And being 93 percent asleep like everyone else, good ones
take a while.  Some times a long while.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm     10/03/89 support