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Date:         Tue, 03 Oct 89 21:13:17 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     Mark brings up the point that there is so much to Adore that
it is a hopeless case to cover or argue with each and every point.

     Adore is a sprawling (but finite!) manuscript that pretends to
cover everything necessary to get you out of jail.

     It doesn't, but it pretends to.

     One day it will.

     There are some who think they already know how to get out of jail.
That is fine.  I would welcome some road maps.  But often their view
is that you will be LET out at the end of this life because the jail
keeper is a good guy.  I assure you he isn't and that is a fools route.

     The jail keepers of Earth mean serious business and the day you get
around to meeting them you will give your future some serious second thought.
However you are not alone in your bid for freedom, although in the dark
recesses of the mine it might look that way, but in the end your entire
existance in this universe is a function of your own will, and if you
chose you could leave it entirely and reenter it where ever you wished,
bypass the jail, the walls and to hell with the jail keepers for ever more.

     You know all this about exteriorizing from your body is
small time stuff.  Exteriorizing from the entire physical universe
projection is a much bigger deal and much more important.
So what IS the next universe out like anyhow?

     There are some who do not think they are IN jail.  This is fine.
When we leave we will leave the door open behind us and they can leave
when they get around to it.  No one is going to force anyone to do anything
in this religion except maybe stop sucking our life blood.

     Adore does not demand belief or obedience from anyone.  It clearly
admits it can be wrong and imperfect.  It even goes so far as to say that
things might be written there BECAUSE they ARE wrong and it is for YOU
to decide if they are or not.

     However it does not play games with your heart.  It says you are
Immortal, always have been, always will be, that you are totally responsible
for your condition (and everyone else's too?!), that you came from a place
called Native State, the Peace that passeth understanding of the Christians,
the High-Cool of Adore, and that you will return there when you damn well
please.  It says that the world is a dream, a projection in our consciousness,
and that all people are connected to source and can know each other through
source, and that since space and time are both dimensional illusions in
a zero dimensional but infinite consciousness that there is no place to go,
no place to get lost or destroyed, that anyone you have ever known you
always will know and in the end will never be separated from because
in reality you never were.  It says that above Love is Class and that
Class is permanent, and perfect and Immutable and the driving force
behind everything in existance.  Adore does however warn us that Class
is prone to operating Majesty which is the impulse towards Humor, but
only with our approval as the Supreme Imp Soul as is it US who operates
not only Class and Majesty but Source itself.  It is the SOUL that does
the casting.  Sourcers cast sourcery from Source by casing Pride
before Magnificence.  That means to make something, feel proud about it
first before you make it, don't feel proud about it after you make it cuz
it will never be as good as your original seminal pride. Pride is for pride,
not for product.

     So with all that how could anyone hate Adore?  Disbelieve maybe,
but only at their own risk.

     The worst that could happen is that you live once and will die.

     Perhaps cry a few classy tears inbetween.

     The best that could happen is you could live forever and go to Heaven
forever for free, and maybe design another nightmare to occupy yourself
and your friends with someday when you are rested.

     Well rested.

     At least do me the courtesy of admitting I did not come up with
this all in a day.

     Nor have I taken to passing the plate.

     So heed well the words of light, for they will lead you not astray.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm     10/03/89 No subject