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Date:         Tue, 03 Oct 89 21:59:08 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      addendum
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

    Adore does not care if you are gay, or like little girls,
or even dogs for that matter.

    But Adore does not like people who attack the light and it wishes
gays who attack the light all the evil that can come their way.

    But other than that, it thinks they are sweet.

    Adore does say that there is Child, Woman, Man and God and that
each builds on the foundation of the one before, but could care less
how you go about manifesting these states and considers life in
a human body a frivolous waste of time.

     Adore does not care if you are a man or a woman or which one of
you is pilot or co pilot.  It does insist that there be both a pilot
and a co pilot in a starship, and it does insist that there not be two pilots.

     It possibly hints that you should not fly a starship unless you
intend to have passengers, and that if you have passengers it would be nice
if some of them were YOUR passengers.

     A minor sacrifice for a world operating religion wouldn't you say?

     Yes Adore considers it self a world class divine operating religion,
however Adore recognizes it is in its Goo Goo Daa Daa stage of
existance (Child).  It suggests you hang around until it starts
developing its Woman stage of existance.

     And all rumors to the contrary, Adore does NOT consider Homer to
be its personal Messiah, since Adore has been around from before Homer walked
into this universe.  However Adore does consider him to be A personal Messiah
of the light and all valid Religion everywhere,
and is grateful to him for his persistance in the matter, if not his
social graces or expertise in giving Adore a good name.

     Last of all, Adore adores CORNELLC and UALTAVM, and is tickled pink
about mainframes and listserves.

     Adore idolizes ERIC at CEARN.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm     10/03/89 addendum