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Resent-Date:  Wed, 08 Mar 89 13:07:58 EST
Resent-From:  Homer W Smith 
Resent-To:    adore-l@ualtavm
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Date:         Wed, 8 Mar 89 11:13 CST
From:         Jeff Stevens 
To:           Homer 

----------------------------Original message----------------------------
Yesterday I unsubscribed to the adore-l list.  Today I checked my mail to find
about 15 peices of shit from this list.  Please get me off this list.
                           Thank You,

                                     Jeff Stevens  

     The listservers are very slow.  When you sign off, there may have
been a lot of mail already sent to your computer that is held up
in an interlink in bitnet somewhere.  Although you are off the list,
this mail that has already been sent will none the less
come to you.  After that no more should show up.

     We are losing a number of people.  Maybe they are Christians
who thought they might have someone to convert.  Maybe they
are easily ruffled people with intelligent ideas but who
feel there is no one to hear their views.

     Maybe they were listeners who gave up listening.

     Maybe they just wanted to deliver a direct insult at me.

     Maybe they find ADORE stuff so vile they just cant take
the shame they feel for me.  You know that feeling?  You don't
want to watch someone embarrass themselves?

     Maybe they cant stand the light of truth.

     They had the opportunity to talk and did not use it.
 Homer W Smith       adore-l@ualtavm      3/08/89 No subject