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Date:         Wed, 04 Oct 89 09:29:13 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     Ignornace is not something you get over and then go out and have
a good life.

     Ignornace IS the game of life.

     If you knew everything you would have no life.  There would be no
game left.  You would be free.  Totally free.

     It is by aligning your RELATIONSHIP to ignorance that you
improve your life, have a good life, make a happy life.  It's in
the GAME, in optimizing the GAME.

     Of course not knowing this is some ignorance you SHOULD get over.
But ignorance in general is the proper warp and weave of the game conditions
of life.

     Unhappiness means that your game has become unoptimized.

     Thus the problem is not how to know it all.  You can.  The
last time you were there you created ignornace to have a game.

     In fact part of the problem is you have already figured it all
out a couple of times.  But you were so sad to see the game go you
decided to abort ending the game and pretended to yourself that
you hadn't figured it all out yet and still had more to know.

     When you remember this you will see the twinkle of an eye which
which you chose to swim back down into the mess.

     You did this for your friends and for yourself.  The party
was just too good to end.

     But it causes a problem though, because you already know a good deal
of what you are looking for.  You already WON and pretended you LOST.
Thus you're on a second or third level of the game where a primary
reoperation of not knowing wont work.  You have to reoperate the
secondary and later not knowings as well.

     If you don't know this you wont ever get out.  But that was
sort of your intention now wasn't it.  The game was just too good
to leave.  Thing is, your method of staying here made it too bad
to stay cause you started losing full time.

     Ah well, spirits, you leave them up to their own devices and
see what happens?

     When you reoptimize your relation to not knowing and knowing
you will WANT to stay here (out of a body of course).

     Do it right this time.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm     10/04/89 No subject