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Date:         Wed, 04 Oct 89 10:04:36 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     The Adorian view on drugs is as follows.

     I don't know that I agree with all this, it is sort
of scary what it postulates but I can see the logic to it.

     A day consists of 24 hours.  8 for work, 8 for play and 8 for sleep.

     Drugs should be legal, even LSD and cocaine.

     Doing drugs on the job is a no no.  Doing drugs during
the play cycle is ok.  Preferably you play after your work and so
can sleep them off before you next work.

    DRINKING AND DRIVING is doing drugs ON THE JOB regardless of
when you do them.  If you are DRIVING you are on the job, period.

    A few States wish to pass laws that allow random and arbitrary
searches at road checkpoints for drunk drivers.  Sobriety check points.

     It is always tempting to erase the consitution in the name of
getting all those offenders of the public peace, but the constitution
was PUT THERE BECAUSE of those offenders and the forefathers awareness
that our efforts to deal with them often lead to a police State.

     A hidden agenda to the alcohol checkpoints is not only to spot
if you have too much alcohol in your blood but to see if you have
ANY marijhuana or cocaine at all in your blood in which case you
would be immediately arrested.

     In the young and innocent view of Adore, the major reason that
people drink and drive is on the way to and on the way from BARS.
In Ithaca for example the North 40 is 5 miles away from any civilization.
Thus the places of drug dens are BUILT in such a way that people HAVE
to do drugs on the job (drive) to get to them and home from them.

     Adore does not disapprove of drugs, although it finds smokers
of cigarettes and drinkers of alcohol to be the lowest of the low,
not only do they stink, but they never have any cognitions and they are
usually busy destroying their families with 'I don't have a problem',
but Adore does disapprove of BARS or public drug dens of any nature.

     Adore also disapproves of the 21 age limit.  If you are old enough
to die for your country you are old enough to get high thinking about it.

     Adore proposes that to maintain the sovereignty of the individual,
and recognizing the VALUE of drugs to our lives, that all public dens
of drug use be abolished.  This includes bars, restaurants, and clubs.
The serving of drugs would be abolished, that's all.

     Liquor stores would continue to be an outlet for all drugs, or the drug
stores, but the proper place for doing drugs would be in the home.

     Adore feels this would go a long way towards lowering the death by
drunk driving rate and would make a more sane and personally responsible
environment for our citizens.

     Not to mention maintain the integrity of the consitution against
random searches.

     Who will do the searching and what if criminals get to do it?
Adore feels that although searching may turn up criminals, if criminals
do the searching especially political criminals, its the good guys
who will get fried.

     The purpose of the constitution, among many, is to protect us
from the criminals DURING our search for the criminals.

     However Adore concedes that possibly it has no idea what it is
talking about as this topic is above its present Child level of awareness,
but proposes it in the hope that the truely wise ones of the world
will take a look and possibly consider it true.

     Adore knows that the subject of drugs is a hot one, but also sees
that most of the world is too busy DOING drugs (namely alcohol) to think
clearly about them.  And just as alcoholics are not able to drive a car,
neither are they able to steer the ship of State.

     And in the alcoholic's terror of the truth and love for blackness,
they have created a world full of 'criminals' whose only crime was
to smoke a joint, or to seek significant religious experiences using
the myriad of psychedelics that abound.

     Adore believes that the subject of addiction is greatly compounded
by the illegality of the drugs, and that crime will remain rampant
as long as drugs are illegal.

     The people who do not do drugs are hurt by the people who do
drugs because drugs are illegal and this breeds crime.  Legalizing
drugs might conceivably hurt the people who DO drugs but certainly would
make life significantly better for those who don't.

     As President Bush said, drugs cause crime because

     1.)  People do and want drugs,
     2.)  Other people produce and sell drugs to the first people,
     3.)  Even other people make drugs illegal so they can have a game
          to play.  Their drug is busting druggies and have said so on TV.

     Such a wise president.  We should listen to him.

     The need for drugs is a problem that can only be handled by an
address of past lives and the pain engendered by a mortal point of view.
Drugs take you into a higher level of energy from a time when you knew
better than to believe in death and one life or Eternal Hell.

     That State can be recovered permanently and without drugs.

     Use of drugs and drug addiction does not have to last forever.

     But as long as the Alcoholics are at the wheel of the ship of State,
you can be sure drug addiction will not only last forever, but the State
will continue to profit from the illegality of drugs for its foreign wars.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm     10/04/89 No subject