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Date:         Wed, 04 Oct 89 10:41:36 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     Adore has a question.

     Does the populace of Earth really think there would be more crime
if drugs were legal?  Or is it just afraid of total 100 percent addiction
of everyone over night or over a century?

     Is this fear of addiction founded?

     If not is the cost of having rampant crime worth saving a few
addicts from a curable problem?

     Does the populace of Earth really think that they can wipe out
drugs and the demand for them.  Besides isn't it just the users of
one drug (alcohol) trying to wipe out the users of another drug?

     Do the people who are really drug free (no caffeine, no aspirin,
no nothing) really give a damn about what other drugs people use?

     Or is the main agenda that the alcoholics don't want their children
to see what degrades they have become?

     Nothing like a little pot to open your eyes to what a schmuck your
father has become.   Or your nation.

     There are many different drugs, of many different qualities and
spiritual fineness.

     Alcohol is used to preserve dead animals.  That shows you where
it stands on Adore's list of quality drugs.

     Imagine using hash oil to preserve a dead animal?

     Cocaine is similar to novacaine and procaine which are the
purvue of the Dentists.

     And although Adore has not yet said much about Dentists you can
be sure it wont be nice when it is released.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm     10/04/89 No subject