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Date:         Wed, 04 Oct 89 11:39:06 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     Unfortunately the Christians and other servants of the Devil
have a stanglehold on the political mentality of the United States

     I mean if the President got up and said that be believed in God
but tactfully stayed away from saying that he held Jesus to be his personal
Savior, the populace would probably mostly smile and be pleased.

     Except for the ranting atheists that is.  But at least he
wouldn't piss off the Jews.

     Even the atheists would squirm a bit however if the President
got up and said that he thought all this God stuff was a bunch of
baloney.  Its fine to be an atheist but even they expect people in
power to at least claim they believe in God.  You know, its good
for the children.

     But can you imagine a President getting up and saying that he
believes that we are all Bi Directionally Immortal spirits, who
have lived forever and will live forever and all men one day
reach the enlightened state and that the Christian doctrine of
Eternal Hell and creation of the soul by God is just plumb wrong?

     Jeeze, what a stir that would make.

     But it's the truth don't you know.

     So that just goes to show you how far we are away from
a settlement of the major issues on this planet.

     Until someone in authority owns up to some total responsibility
and takes it and does something with it, until they own up to the
Sovereignty of the Soul and that Operating Class is the Fountain of
Cause, there will never be peace on Earth or our streets, and the pain
and the suffering will just go on and on.

     So if you feel some hope about your future, thats a good thing.

     Just realize you might have to make a move someday to secure it.

     The jokers that get elected to power are for your entertainment only.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm     10/04/89 No subject