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Date:         Wed, 04 Oct 89 12:07:48 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Tue, 19 Sep 89 20:41:51 MDT from 

>>     Thus the theory that the world is a virtual projection in consciousness
>>is just that, a theory which may or may not be true and certainly will go
>>through multiple generation changes over time just as our understanding
>>of the external universe has over time.
>I'll certainly grant that it "may or may not be true".  As
>far as it's being a "theory", though, I beg to differ.  A
>theory, to my mind, is a well-developed set of interlocking
>hypotheses with substantial explanatory and predictive
>power.  At best, the above suggestion is a hypothesis, and
>not a very compelling one.

     It is wrong to judge how well developed a theory is by

     1.) My exposition of it
     2.) How long YOU have been listening in (3 days?)

>has to ask what sort of evidence there is for this position
>that the world is just a "dream".  I mean, the external
>world certainly gives us ample indication of its independent

     Just as it does when you are asleep dreaming.  This does not
mean that your sleep dreams are in an actual universe not does it.

     Perhaps you are one of those undeveloped people who never have
really solid alive and lucid dreams.  Ah, well dead in the dead is
dead in the head.

     A spirit can hallucinate anything.  Imagination and dreams prove
this.  I have actually done experiments in dreams to see just how
solid they can be and how consistent.  Its not often I know I am
dreaming when I am, and I always take the opportunity to check out
the dream.  Unless I get distracted by a pair of tits that is.

     Once I know I am dreaming its more fun to go feel up the
nearest girl.  If I do it right, they never complain.

     Ah for the good old days.

the assumption that it's somehow "not really
>there" raises the question of why the hell it *looks* so
>damn much like it is.

     It doesn't look like it is there at all.  That is like pointing
at a TV set and saying it must be live cause it looks live.  Its
prerecorded and you are being a dummy.

     CONSCIOUS is real.  The image in consciousness is real.  But its
all a projection.  The problem comes with solidity.  Its unerving how
solid the illusion can be.  But remember when you hit the table
with your fist both the table and your fist are light pictures on the
arcade screen, so is the pain you feel, and the cause of synchronization
is either an external universe you have never seen or an internal universe
you have never seen.

     There is ample evidence that the second theory is true, but not
for those who have never gotten out of their bodies.

     Low responsibility cases that is.

     They thump their chests with their fists and say 'I am creator of
Nothing, I made Nothing, I own Nothing, and one day I will be Nothing.

     Sad, isn't it?  But I would remind one and all that it isn't true.

To which the true mystic will, of
>course, reply...  "ahhhh, that is a deep mystery, beyond the
>range of mortal knowledge".  Not a very very satisfying
>explanation, if you ask me.

     Undoubtedly a true mystic would kick Mark off the edge of his
Mountain never to be heard from again.

     There is NOTHING that is beyond the range of anyone's knowledge,
since all knowledge was either directly created by you or natively
known at source.  This is a major statement.  Dont just go by it.

     Knowledge is structured in the very fabric of consciousness.

     Knowing things by LOOKING at them is the low end way of going
about it.  Knowing things by CREATING and BEING them is the high end.
We force the hell out of the low end on people and never tell them
about the high end.

     Anyone can get out of their body and go BE the sun.  You could
know anything you ever wanted to know about anything doing this.
It ain't easy from where we are today, but thats how it all started
long ago and that is how it will end up again if we keep to the Path
and not follow the false detour signs put up by the Mark-abots.

>And I suspect that even the proponents of this nonsense don't
>really take their own utterances all that seriously, when it
>comes right down to it.

     It is YOU who do not take your own chimings seriously.

Does Our Beloved Adorian Cosmologist
>truly believe that the keyboard into which he extrudes his random
>swillings is merely a "projection in consciousness"?

     I know it for a fact.

     At least you demonstrate that you understand the theory.

     I don't expect anyone to believe it with out the proof they need.

     Belief is for Christians and losers.  Mortal Mark-abots too.

If so, why
>bother typing at all?  Why not just beam your intellectual
>burger-juice directly into the Trans-Noetic Aether of Universal
>Consciousness, instead of wasting so much time going through the
>motions of feeding it all into an illusory computer network?
     This is a serious question.  The answer is also so obvious that
it is not worth answering.

     In the first place I am no longer able to just beam the bunger
juice into your brains.  This is a very serious dream and it hurts like
hell and people live their whole lives thinking it is real just to be
rudely awakened life after life when they die, just to get zapped into
another body again to do it all over again.  Remember the jail keepers?

     In the second place we all used to play myriads of games that worked
by direct control, this uses endless physical vias to communicate and
survive is a late comer in the scheme of things.  We got BORED with
things being too easy.  The creation of this universe was an effort
to have a REAL game for once.

     In the third place if I WERE to just beam the bunger joice
directly into your mind (Mark) YOU would probably die of hysteria and
terror, and chagrin.

     My ability to do such a thing would be a terrible danger to
all those that couldn't as their responsibility level is floating
on top of zero and they would not be able to understand or fit such
abilities into their world view.  They would certainly think they
were going insane as such abilties would be clearly impossible to them,
and they would resent the hell out of me or anyone demonstrating powers
of any kind until certain amounts of indoctrination and world view
upgrades had taken place.

     People need to see how it is POSSIBLE before you demonstrate that
it is TRUE.

     Come on Mark, do I really need to say all this?

     It's fine if you want to doubt it all, but let's stop acting
like a donkey by claiming I should just go out and prove it to everyone,
by melting New York City with my mind.

     The proper way is to teach other people how to do things and let
them do them in the privacy of their own spaces where the rest of the
world will not freak out and either go insane or try to eradicate the
one with extra abilities.

     People freak out on drugs and LSD because they freak out on
reality.  The calm mortal world view is an effort to make things
stable in the middle of an Eternal turmoil.

     If you break open the Mortal world view too fast the being
will litteral kick the bucket because the body, dream that it is,
will not be able to handle the emotional charge.

     The external universe including the body is a virtual machine,
a projection in consciousness, but it is exact down to the last quark.
If you fuck with it, it will fuck you back, be sure of it.

>I'm reminded of Christian Scientists, who won't take their
>bodies to doctors because matter is unreal, but will put gas
>in their cars to drive to meetings at which the unreality of
>matter is discussed...

     And well you should be.  They are some of the biggest losers
around.  Not one of them can get out of their bodies nor
remember a single high crime in a past life.

     The purpose of the world being a dream is to USE it as a dream.
Thus creating cars and putting gas into them and eating food is all part
of the game that we created the dream for.

     Any spirit can go anywhere it wants just by daring to be there,
but that gets boring after 3 Eternities.  Much better to have the
virtual game you see around you and be somewhat stuck in it through ignorance.

     It's like a game of Star Trek on the computer.  Why would anyone
waste their time playing other computer users on a game that was
obviously just a virtualization when they could just go to the
programmer and get the guy to change the code so that they always won?

     Come on Mark, you are stupider than I know.

     Or dishonest as hell.

 Homer               Adore-l list        10/04/89 No subject