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Date:         Wed, 04 Oct 89 13:16:24 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Mark and Gays
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     Ok, Mark has admitted he is not gay and has close gay friends.

     I am going to spend a lot of time to see where all my hostility
towards gays comes from.

     Certainly my experience on GAYNET did not help.

     But actually I have little hostility towards male gays, its
mainly the females that irk me.  I do have a lot of track with
female homosexuals, I went out with one for 2 years!  Boy were
those dark times.

     Anyhow there always seems to be this attack that comes against
Adore from Females who don't need males, who when you question them
closely turn out to be gay.

     I guess its just this whole female attitude of 'I am just as good
as a male, so there' and then they walk away from you that makes me
feel like letting them all freeze in the cold and get THEIR tits
poked with lead in Vietnam.

     All my life I have lived with my country pushing me to give my life
to protect the females in this country and trying to figure out how
I am going to earn enough money to raise a family which included supporting
not only children but the female.  After I lived through Vietnam that is.

     Then I find out that the females don't think they need protecting,
don't think men have ever done anything they couldn't do, and don't want
a family, they want a career.

     Then they miss that the woman who supports herself in a career and
the man who supports himself AND 4 others are not in the same league.

     I would have thought that women could see this, but I guess they

     Imagine a woman suporting a man and 4 kids, while the man stays
home and does the cooking?  Some women don't find this anomalous.
It must be a macho thing to them.  I guess they haven't developed brains
yet.  Just brawn.

     As for gays, I would like to meet just one Lesbie who admitted that
she had been a man in a past life.

     Same for a male gay.  That would go a long way to assuring me that
gays really have honesty formost in the minds and not just justification
of their personal behavior.

     The way I see it, its great being a gay, you get to stay home
with the females and do the sewing while us bigots go to Vietnam
and get our balls cut off in some concentration camp.

     Yes, I see I do have some hostility to contend with here.

     By the way this is me not my schizophrenic alter ego Adore talking here.

     Adore would tell me I should take the log out of my own eye before
I go logging in others eyes.

     This means I should consider the lifetime I used my gayness to get
out of the military and let others die for me.

     Or the life I was a dyke and made my son wish he were a girl
so that he could go out with girls too.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm     10/04/89 Mark and Gays