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Date:         Thu, 05 Oct 89 20:59:15 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     When spirits come into this universe or enter any universe
that they have created they assign to themselves a power level,
a zap level, that determines their future scope and span.

     Their ability to handle complexity, their intelligence, their
ability to pose and resolve problems, their voltage (zap!) is
all determined by this initial self assigning of power.

     If they come into the universe too powerfull the entire game
will be boring.  If they come in too weak they will lose every game
and become easily overwhelmed.

     In between these two extremes are zillions of power levels evenly
distributed across all of the beings here.

     Thus some beings are enormously powerful and take on gargantuan
enterprises routinely, and others are happy to sell lavenders in the
street.  Both are happy and both in some final cosmic sense need each

     However in terms of personal survival the more powerful being
has an easier time of it although they tend to get themselves into
deep trouble more often because they take on the entire dark side
of the force every day for breakfast.   The lesser able beings
have a more difficult time surviving the normal everyday things,
but they can depend heavily on the more able beings who presumably
have made things safer for them and laid out the routes.

     There is no shame in your power level.  It can be changed, YOU
CHOSE it coming into the universe.  If you left and came back with
a different level you would play a very different track in the same

     The ratio between the most powerful and the least powerful beings
who are still able and willing to operate in this universe is on the
order of millions to 1.  Thus the most able beings will be around
1 to 10 million times more able and powerful than the least able.

     But there are zillions and zillions of souls in just this one game,
and so there are many many souls who are all at almost exactly
the same power level.

     In other words if there are 10 million notches you could fit into,
and there are 100 millions souls, there would on average be 10 souls
in each notch with the same power level.

     They tend to love being with each other and playing games
with each other because they are very well matched, and neither
wins or loses an inordinate amount of time and the volley continues
for ever so to speak.

     If you take two exactly equal beings and put one in an all man body,
and the other in an all woman body such as we have on Earth, the one
in the man will fare better.  The woman will be more dependant on the man
for her personal survival than the man will be on her, because as
spirits they are equal but the male is a better body for playing the

     The woman body creates a handicap, which is more so when it
gets pregnant and has to breast feed children.

     There is no shame in this.  It merely means the woman body
is a tougher game in a sense.  This is made up for by her ability
to depend on the man who is able to build a safer environment around
her and 'lay out the routes'.

     The male body leads to an easier game, but this is made up for
by the heavier load of needing to defend the woman and her children.

     The male can get food easier but has to feed more, get it?

     Thus it SHOULD balance out if people marry someone at their
own power level.

     From this it should be clear that if a very powerful spirit takes
over a woman body, she will be very much more able than a less
pwerful spirit even it if takes over a male body.

     Thus in no way can it be said that all men are better than all

     For example Thatcher and Aquino are clearly far superior than
a whole planet full of male lavender sellers.

     If all the very able spirits took over women bodies and all the
lesser spirits took over males bodies, then neither would it be true
that MOST men were better than MOST women because in this case most of
the men would be less than most of the women.

     Thus the Adorian view is merely that if two equal spirits
take over man and woman bodies, the male will be more able because
of the more able machine he is driving.  There is no other
significance to the matter than that.

     Further Adore states that two people should be at the same
power level if they are going to get married and have children,
and therefore the male in the family will be more able than the

     If it turns out that the female is more able than the male,
then the female has married beneath herself and would have had
a better time and more affluent life in what ever she values if
she had not done so.  The male on the other hand in such a marriage
is getting a free ride from the female whom he does not deserve one wit.

     Considering all this it is perfectly possible that in the ebb and
flow of things that times come and go on Earth when all the superior
spirits are in womens bodies and all the lesser ones are in male bodies.
One could certainly say of these times that the woman was superior to the

     Adore merely asks such a woman to not marry such a man but to hold
out for one who is her spiritual equal and thus her Earthly superior.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm     10/05/89 No subject