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Date:         Thu, 05 Oct 89 21:46:19 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     About the only thing wrong with Christianity is that it proposes
that God made the world out of Matter Energy Space and Time (MEST).

     But God Himself does not have any Matter Energy Space or Time.

     God is SPIRIT not ROCK, right?  Not a ballbearing and not a meatball.

     He doesn't have a penis, he doesn't work on neurones.  He's not
a MACHINE and he is not IN a MACHINE like some dodo's we know.

     We can all agree to that.

     This leads to the conundrum of where did God get the MEST to
make the world from.  Did He make it out of nothing?  Did He make
it out of his own Spirit?

     Making Something out of Nothing is untenable.

     Making MEST out of Spirit which is inherently the opposite
of MEST is also untenable.

     Thus the Christian mind has been stopped for centuries from
further progress in determining just exactly what God did and how.

     The problem of course comes with the arbitrary assumption that
MEST is actual.  Like Mark says, rational inference (running into it
and going ouch!) implies that because we SEE MEST, it must therefore
be out there.

     But check out your dreams.  (You ARE alive enough to have one or two
arn't you?)  You SEE them, but THEY arn't real, now are they.

     So indeed we have never seen Matter, Energy, Space or Time, we
have merely seen our own Consciousness.  It is OUR (very ignorant)
interpretatiion of what we see that there is really such a thing
as the physcial universe out there.

     It COULD be just one gigantic interiorly generated hallucination.

     I submit to you that it is NOT out there, in fact the external
physcial universe does not exist at all.  Never has.  Never will.  CANT.

     I submit that God is Spirit and that all that exists is Spirit.

     That means there is no SPACE and no TIME and no MASS and no SOLIDITY,
but there IS CONSCIOUSNESS, and consciousness can be conscious of
color-form which in our present state LOOKS like
space and time and mass and solidity.  But it is a hologram.

     Thus things become very much more reasonable and even skeptics
would have to agree that God might have made Us Souls by going to
a piece of Himself and separating it off and commanding it to
function independantly.  This could be well within the possible.

     Especially if God WAS an infinite collection of already independant
souls.  An infinite operating reality consisting of a SOURCE and an
infinite number of infinite minds (me and thee.)

     Of course this God could never create a REAL universe of
SPACE and TIME because not even God can do the impossible,
but he could create a VIRTUAL PROJECTION of such things if
consciousness and His own basic nature were such as to
support such a thing.

     Thus it is advantagious to consider strongly this idea that
the world is a dream, a zero dimensional operating actuality that
is capable of hallucinating at will any form of dimensionality
it might desire.

     Since Matter Energy Space and Time do not exist the Soul would
truely be made in the image of God, SPIRIT NOT MATTER.


     LIFE not MEST.

     Thus Adore would beckon to the Christians to wake up a tad,
recognize they are dreaming,
and get their silly asses back on the road of true discovery of what God
is and how He made us.

     Just in case any of you wonder what Adore REALLY thinks of
TRUE Christianity, I will let you in on a little secret.

     Although Adore SAYS that SOURCE stands for


     it really stands for


     Just a secret between you and me.

     We won't let Adore know I told you.

     Wouldn't want to take the wind out of its sails when it is
blasting those silly Christians.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm     10/05/89 No subject