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Date:         Wed, 08 Mar 89 13:30:14 EST
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      ADORE-L
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     It is possible that the present discussion on Religion
is a Dead End.

     It is possible that the original charter attracted too many people
who were against religion and not enough people who were pro religion
or who knew something about Islam.

     The list so far seems to be thick with cynicism.

     One problem may be that we have all been turned off so violently
to the usual run of the mill religions that we have stopped devising
our own view of Immortality.

     Present religions may destroy us, but will Atheism, Meat Ball-ism,
and Dust in the Windism save us?

     Live once, die once is so sad.  Doesn't anyone have any experiences
countering this?

     Is it totally useless to discuss world problems from a trans
lifetime point of view, one that includes multiple lifetimes and an
eternal Justice that works itself out in the end?

     As some of you know I belong on the SKEPTICS list which sometimes
should be called the Hateful Disbelievers list.  There is another list,
the PSI-L list which was left after all the skeptics moved over to the
the other list.  The PSI list seems to be a ghost town.  Are we all
ghosts here?  Is no one real?

     Have non of you had dreams of places a times clearly not of Earth?
Places similar to Earth but much more advanced?

     Computers and graphics the size of buildings, buildings the size of

     Have none of you gotten out of your body?  Have any of you ever
gotten IN to your body?

     How do we stop the world so we can get ON?

     Are the only people willing to talk about Religion, Science, Art
and Business those people who don't believe in Religion, Science, Art
and Business?

     Should I sign off my own list and let the moss grow?

     Am I the reason no one is talking?

     Are you on the list just to hear me speak?  Do I belong in a side
show in a circus?

     As Nick says, there seems to be a shortage of wisdom in the world,
but the wisdom that comes across here is the message that there is no
Divinity but what we create for ourselves to numb our pain and fear of

     Wit is intelligence.  Wit is laughter.  Wit's End is the End of
Intelligent Laughter.

     Has life been so bad to us that there is no majestic practical joke
to be found anywhere in our suffering?  Has our outrage gone beyond the
point of no return?  Is Kind Laughter no longer the final Justice?

     Are we so cought up in the RIGHTNESS of our suffering that we can
not find one shred of beauty to temper the seriousness of our lives?

     Do we all belong to the 'Its just GREAT to live once and die' Cult?

     Do we WANT to die?  Have we had time enough for love?

     Maybe we should start telling jokes.  The list is open to all forms
of human communication.  It is one large on going party.

     It is a bit too somber right now.

     Should we break out the boo?

 Homer W. Smith      adore-l@ualtavm      3/08/89 ADORE-L