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Date:         Thu, 05 Oct 89 22:22:43 EDT
From:         CTM@CORNELLC
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     I have been told that the external projection of color form
that you see in your conscious picture is really a 3 dimensional
SHADOW of the true 4 dimensional spiritual reality within.

     The SHADOW is cast by the light shinging through the structure
of the hologram within.

     This inner 4 dimensional reality is however just another level
of illusion as the final reality is scalar, has no dimension what so ever.

     It can however hallucinate as many dimensions as it likes.

     They say the Castle of Brahma was built in 16 dimensions.

     The Adorian view is that your consciousness is a MIRROR.

     What you see in color form is a reflection seen outwardly
of your true nature inwardly.

     Its not a direct reflection like in a glass mirror where
the reflection looks like the actuality reflected.  A data translation
takes place so that the external color form you SEE reflected in the
mirror of your consciousness is a MATTER ENERGY SPACE and TIME
REPRESENTATION of your true inward 0 dimensional nature.

     Thus when you are looking at the external universe you are looking
at yourself translated into color form.

     This is very interesting.

     You know most people look out at the stars and galaxies (if they can
count beyond 1 lightyear!) and they say, look at all that stuff
out there, there is light leaving those stars that wont reach here for
zillions of years, and could not possibly effect me because I will
be long gone.

     Their attitude is that all that out there is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS,
because its too far away to have effected them yet.  There are things
so far way that the light that left them at the beginning of the universe
still hasn't gotten to us yet, so what business can it be of ours
what is out there?

     This of course is the supreme joke.

     What you are looking at is your own head.  The entire universe
is a relfection of YOU.  Everything out there is YOU and is effecting
you right now.  Maybe not within the game since the speed of light
is the limit and all that, but this game exists inside of a bigger game
wherein all things can communicate instantaneously.

     That is why if you try to get from here to there by moving THROUGH
all the little there's inbetween you can only move at the speed of light.

     But if you just decide to start seeing the universe from there instead
of here you can go anywhere you want at will.

     Of course it takes some guts.  Mark might not have enough to pull
it off.  I don't.  Do you?

                     adore-l@ualtavm     10/05/89 No subject