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Date:         Sat, 07 Oct 89 11:19:22 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           "Sylvia Gorman (815) 753-1875" ,
In-Reply-To:  Your message of Fri, 06 Oct 89 16:25 CDT

     Before I spend any more time with your personal problems with
my views let me ask you a question.

     Why do you care?

     If I do answer your private e-mail it will be to the list.

     I did not read it entirely or carefully but I will.

     One point, it is true that IF you have lived before and IF you
have had a MALE body and IF you partook in building the infrastructure
of our society then certainly that infrastructure is PARTLY yours and
yours to use without debt.

     Further the men who were women at the time the structures were
built certainly owe a debt to the spirits who built them even if
they are in female bodies now.

     However it is hardly likely that you buy all this past life crap,
thus to argue from that point of view seems dishonest.

     If you have NOT lived before then women owe a considerable debt
to men who are FAR SUPERIOR to them in the field of physical intelligence,
and structure.

     This is of course a generality with its exceptions.

     The exceptions prove the rule.

     But people who spend time pointing out the exceptions are evading
the issue at hand.

     If you ARE one of the exceptions, then it is too bad that you might
have such a hard time getting the run of the mill men around you to
acknowledge your superiority.

     I remind you of my question, why do you care what I think?

     Why don't you just sign off the list like Mark did.

     Do you hope to change my mind?  You might.

     Are you willing to have YOUR mind changed?  That is sufficient
reason for us to continue the argument.

     Just exactly what is your agenda for communicating with me and
why should I care and continue it with you?

     I take it you hate Ayn Rand.

     This is perhaps a sign of the irreconcilability of our differences.

 Homer               Sylvia Gorman (815) 10/07/89 No subject