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Date:         Sat, 07 Oct 89 15:54:55 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     Adore tends to be pro abortion.  Or pro choice in any case.
Adore finds abortion disgusting as would anyone who had
to go through one or has seen masses of little baby bodies being disposed
of in the trash.

     Adore's view is that bodies are bodies and spirits are spirits,
and that spirits have a right to breed and use bodies as they see
fit hoping that there might be some wisdom exercised along the way.

     Spirits have the RIGHT to use bodies because spirits MADE the
bodies, but spirits also have the balancing Duty to do right by
the bodies too.

    Of course Adore also has very high concepts of personal property
and private ownership which means that once you have given a baby body
over to an incoming spirit that body belongs to that spirit and
can not be retro-fitted with a retroactive abortion.

     Adore believes that spirits take over the body AFTER birth, sometimes
weeks or months after brith (rarely), something that Adore believes can
be checked out on anyone who has the spiritual awareness to remember
the moment of responsibility.  Choosing to be in a body rather than out.
Also choosing to BE a body rather than maintain awareness that one
is merely IN a body.  A lot gets lost in that moment.

     Namely your entire history.  It comes back to you forcefully when
your body dies.

     Anyhow in the near future science will attain a state wherein the subject
of genetics will be mastered to a very large degree.

     With the creation of vaccines and medicine many of the natural
tolls on the human body have been eradicated or nearly eliminated, or
can be, and so the population of Earth has exploded widely for this
reason along.

     Since over population can be the most deadly form of disease
a population can suffer this may lead to disasterous consequences.

     With further advances in medicine have come methods of birth
control that are relatively safe, effective and workable.  This
has helped to stem the tide of population growth.  However birth
control as it exists today is not widely accepted even for physical
reasons as it is a first generation attempt to screw around with the
body chemistry that possibly causes more damage than it is worth
in the way of cancers and after effects.

     However with the advent of birth control such as it is, there has
come a loosening attitude towards sex which lead to the sexual revolution
of the 60's and the sexual anti revolution of the 80's.  This is because
with the increase in easy sex came an increase in sexual diseases that
medicine has not yet conquered with vaccines or eliminated.

     It is Adore's studied opinion (for a Child!) that in the near
future both of these two problems will be solved.  Birth control
will finally come into its own as a totally safe and totally reversible
way to not have babies.  One example are the new fertilization antibody
studies being done in India.

     When the egg is fertilized it emits hormones that tell the body
that the fertilization has taken place and that the body should not
continue with the normal menstural cycle.  With an injection of
antibodies usually given along with other vaccines, this hormonal message
is prevented from getting from the egg to the body and the fertilized egg
is washed away by the next menstrual cycle.  The woman never knows the

     The effect lasts for about a year and then wears off.

     Adore also believes that in the near future (20 years) that the
entirety of the human genome will be mapped and that genetic engineering
will be possible on a grand scale.  Further the remaining diseases that
are viral in nature will be conquered with this new understanding leaving
the human race with almost no known predator at any level except possibly

     This includes the eradication of AIDS and all other sexual diseases,
all forms of genetic disorders, cancers etc.  It will be a clean and healthy
world except maybe for the air pollution.

     This provides the interesting prospect that sex again will become
free wheeling, hopefully not after marriage, and that people will be
able to safely plan their families and that rampant diseases of any sort
will just not exist.

     With the demise of the disease will come a growth in the population,
but with easy and safe birth control will come a decrease in the population
and perhaps Earth will be able to determine its own future on the matter.

     At this point some ugly questions raise their ugly heads.

     Along with this advance in genetic engineering, doctors will
be able to tell at the moment of conception the genetic health
of a fetus.  Whether it is a boy or a girl, whether it is a carrier
of some other disease that wont manifest until another generation,

     Parents will have access to this information and with easily attained
abortions will be able to determine if they wish to continue ahead with
their pregnancy.

     If they wish to have a boy first, they will be able to abort the
girl fetus or visa versa.  If they already have a boy and wish to have
a girl they can abort fetuses until a girl gets conceived.

     In India of course everyone wants a first born son, cant imagine
why since girls are equal to boys, but that is the way it is over there.
Certainly American parents are more civilized.

     There would probably be state mandated regulations about genetic
disorders.  In other words the society might pass rules saying that if
someone is obviously going to be born defective they must be aborted as
it is public funds that will pay for the support of the kid anyhow and
the public has a right to determiine who they waste their money on.

     One can see their point, in nature a defective child will be
left to die.  If a society protects defectives at all costs, pretty
soon the society will be full of defective genes.

     The question is who will determine what is genetic defective and
what isn't.  Will they have a list of known genetic disorders?

     What happens if someone determines that HOMOSEXUALITY is really
a genetic trait.  Will they deem that a disorder in an effort to
wipe it out?

     What happens if two homosexual parents decide to abort their fetuses
because it is NOT homosexual?  What happens if Lesbian mothers abort their
male sons because they want females?

     All this will become a real problem in the next 5 years as sex
determination is right around the corner if it is not already upon us.
Soon genetic disorder determination will be upon us and we will have
to decide what to do with parents who wish to abort a defective child
and just what defective means.

     Adore wonders if human kind is up to all this and how it will
handle it.  Adore especially relishes the thought of watching the
Christians go nuts over the matter and climb the trees in their
hysteria much like the apes they did not descend from.

     Of course Christians think with their asses instead of their
brains and Adore feels that they will be more part of the problem
rather than be part of the solution.

     However that's nothing new.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm     10/07/89 No subject