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Date:         Sat, 7 Oct 1989 21:26:47 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     sThe God Man Woman Child aspect of Adore is a relatively
insignificant part of its total scope.  Adore certainly should not
be identified with it as its main concept.  Other concepts such
as the Sovereignty of the Soul and Balance of Duties and Rights
are much more fundamental and should be given serious contemplation.

     If you cant countenance the God Man Woman Child thing then don't,
just scratch it.  Adore does not claim to be 100 percent right, and
even if it is right for many or even most people on a given point it
still may not be right for YOU.

     Adore says that you should marry your spiritual equal.  Adore
implies rather strongly that if two equal beings are placed in unequal
machines, they will develope unequally.  Adore does imply that there is
a scale of dependancy ranging up from Child through Woman and Man to God.
Each level is more dependant on the level above than the level above is
on the level below.

     Adore admits that two beings equal in innate scope span depth and field,
can none the less be more or less advanced than each other due to differing
amounts of time spent in 'class', that is life.  Equal beings can be of
differing 'ages', time in this universe, and thus can be of lesser or greater
accomplishment in the fields of life.

     Adore suggests very strongly that if two absolutely equally developed
beings try to fly the same airplane with passengers who depend on the
pilots decisions, that a condition of two pilots will ensue which is
a high crime.  Since Adore insists that one pilot be a co pilot, unless
they are going to take turns, it would be proper for the co pilot to
be the less advanced of the two equally powered spirits.

     This difference is merely one of apprehenticeship and not some
innate fundamental inferiority of one over the other.

     Adore could care less if the pilot is the female and the co pilot
is the male, except that in general females don't know their asses
from their elbows about the physical universe and the planet at large,
never having had to be responsible for conquering it.

     The RULE is that there must not be two pilots at one time.  Beyond that
men and women can work it out as they please and are able.

     The RULE is that if you have a family with children then the
parents ARE pilot and co pilot whether or not they want to be.
They are pilots in that they make decisions for other people who have
elected them as such.  Yes the child elects the parents although they
quickly forget it upon assumption of body beingness.

     The RULE is that the co pilot MUST obey the pilot or be court martialed
for mutiny.  In extreme emergencies the co pilot can be shot for
insubordination.  The CHILD elects that it should be this way.
The parents have a contract of HONOR with the CHILD, a PROMISE to the
child to live by and follow the rules without exception.

     If you have a boat with passengers and a captain and a co captain,
and if the passengers still like the captain, the PASSENGERS will
mutiny against the captain if the captain allows the co captain
to mutiny against him in the first place.

     The RULE is that no one can force a pilot off on a co pilot.
No one can force you to take on someone as your pilot.
Although the pilot chooses their co pilots for the times the co pilot
is right,
the co pilot CHOOSES their pilot for the moments when the pilot
is WRONG.  But once the co pilot has chosen a pilot the co pilot
must abide by the agreement or risk the consequences.

     A co pilot has a higher Duty than to obey a pilot.  However if
the co pilot choses to disobey a pilot the arrangement is off and
the CHILD will dis-elect both parties until they straighten their
differences out.  If the CHILD decides to relect the co pilot
as PILOT, then the pilot is out of a job.

     If the child elects the mother pilot because the father
is being an asshole, but the father comes around in the
middle of the night and says 'I am the pilot' and takes
the child away from the mother, the mother has the right
to shoot the father if necessary to get the child back.

     The co pilot is chosen by the pilot for the times when the co
pilot is right because the pilot does not care if the co pilot is
wrong, he just interceeds and over rides the co pilot.  The pilot
chooses the co pilot for being right as much as possible so that
the pilot does not have to interceed very often.

     The co pilot however chooses the pilot for the times the pilot
is wrong.  These are the times the co pilot has to obey the
pilot anyway or get shot at 35,000 feet.  The co pilot does not
care how often the pilot is right as the co pilot can not
interceed anyway.  The co pilot cares how SERIOUS the mistakes
are when the pilot is wrong because that is when the co pilot
has to obey inspite of his better judgement.  Thus a pilot who
is wrong often but whose errors are not serious, is much preferable
to a pilot who is never wrong until the day he is and everyone dies.

     A co pilot who is rarely wrong is much preferrable to a co pilot
who is often wrong even if it is unserious, because the pilot can
interceed in any case and would prefer a co pilot that he never
had to interceed with.  A co pilot is desirable to the degree that
he does not take the pilots attention away from what it is on.
A co pilot's errors are in general unserious in any case because the
pilot can always interceed before things get out of hand.

     The pilots choose their co pilots for the times when the co pilots
are right.

     The co pilots choose their pilots for the times when the pilots are

     Pilots carry guns and can shoot co pilots.

     Co pilots do not carry guns but choose their own pilots and
can bail out mid flight (become a passenger, refuse to help, turn in their
badge.) and not be charged with mutiny.

     This is Adore's delineation of the Balance of Duties and Rights
of Pilots and Co Pilots.

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