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Date:         Sat, 07 Oct 89 22:17:03 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     Just as the Chlld is dependant on the Woman, just as the Man is
dependant on the God, just so is the Woman dependant on the Man.

     Just as the Child is HAPPY to be dependant on the Woman and her
works, just as the Man is HAPPY to be dependant on the God and his
works, just so is the Woman HAPPY to be dependant on the Man and his

     She would just like to be able to be a Man one day.  Just as the
Man would like to be a God one day, and the Child would like to be a
Woman one day.

     A sore point with the human body is that is has only one sex in it,
either Woman or Man.  The Girl Child can not grow up to be a Man, and
the Boy Child can not grow up to be a Woman.

     The Adorian principles of God, Man, Woman and Child apply to a
fully transsex being, one who has ALL the plumbing so to speak.  We used
to have such bodies before we became emmersed in split sex bodies a few
million years ago during the great wars. (We lost.)

     Such bodies had no need to eat or sleep, or have sex.  Thus all
these functions were missing.  Spirits generated them privately out of
the deepest most inner resources of spiritual creativity they could
find.  Having sex today is a superficial
travesty of this original form of procreation.

     Thus just as today's Girl Child has the Woman in her yet unmanifest,
butthere to be grown and nurtured, these long ago trans sex bodies had
all four levels already in them unmanifest ready to be grown and

     The Child being would not BECOME a Woman and then a Man, the Child
being would develope the Woman characteristics ON TOP of the Child

     The Woman phase was a maturing phase somewhat as Children go
through adolescence now.  When the being started to develop
the Man characterists (a second adolesence!) they would not leave behind
the Woman characteristics.
The Man characteristics would be ADDED on to the Woman characteristics
which would have been ADDED on to the Child characterists.  Thus
Growing Up was really Growing OUT.
Thus the 3/4 matured Child would be both Child, Female and Male.
The Male in the spirit could not function without a fully developed
Female and Child as its foundation.

     No need for a sex change operation here.

     The final stage would be the developement of the God attributes of
total responsibility.  The God phase could not function without a
fully developed Male, Woman and Child foundation.

     It should not be assumed that your Earthly body in any way totally
stops you from continuing in the normal course of progress from Child
through Woman and Man to God.  It hinders things, but really is
quite irelevant.  It's just another game you are playing.

     Some people say we still have our original trans sex body.  That we
never lost it but got involved incorrectly with the split sex bodies
that kind of cloak our awareness of our true game piece with in this

     Of course this trans sex body is not a crude physical body like
the one we have now, but is none the less a true physical body residing
perhaps at the next level of consciousness up.

     It is overlayed on top of your physical universe body and you
operate THROUGH IT when you operate your physical universe body on Earth.

     A fully self determined exteriorization from your Earth body would
reveal to you your true Sovereign Body with which you started this game

     Although things are apparently going down hill on a minor detour
of significant proportion (The Fall),
they say that this body is still developing upward through the
circles of Child, Woman, Man and God.  It seems like it can mature and
molt more than once.  In fact as many times as there are bigger and
wider games to play in this universe.  That ain't so bad, is it?

     The question is, is it true?

     Well don't listen to the envyers of death and darkness.  They
certainly won't tell you the truth even if they know it.  It's a matter
of principle with them, you know.

     Besides its YOUR Perfect Body they are saying doesn't exist.

     T'would be a shame if it did and you listened to them.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm     10/07/89 No subject