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.ce ((Editor's comments in double parenthesis - Homer))


.ce ADR - 53
.ce 8 March 1989

.ce Copyright (C) Homer Wilson Smith
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>              Homer,
>You are right on target with your critique of my recent posting. However
>the opinions expressed therein were the result of a lot of steam I had
>build up over the past few weeks. It just seemed natural to release some
>of that steam in the ADORE forum. It was however just steam and the content
>was regrettably, nil. The recent anti-abortion groups here in New York
>fueled by the power hungry church(es) have me in a frenzy. If I don't
>blow off some steam I am afraid I will blow one of THEM up. I hope
>you understand.

     Gene and I have already discussed this, and I knew under all that
steam was some content.

     I am often driven into one of my 'I hate Christians forever for
free' moods when I have a particular long run of run-ins with them.

     Some Christians are much more interested in being 'right' than in
being happy and since God is going to send me to Hell anyway, they want
to make sure they help the good Lord as best they can.

     Anyhow specific content demands that our frustrations about some
Fundamentalists, Muslims, Adorians etc, be expressed and once the flame
is over, the content should follow.

     Some Fundmentalists are making a lot of waves in the directions of
fewer freedoms of speach and control over our bodies.

     We ought to remember that this country at an official governmental
level still holds the Bible as the ultimate sign of honesty and
trustworthy ness, witness court proceedings and swearing in, and the
wording on our coins.

     This would all be fine if the Bible did not say that all our
enemies should go to Hell, or that one day it is all gonna end in a
nuclear conflagration at Ammegeddon anyhow.

     I mean we can't have a nuclear war if we are all muclear disarmed.
But we wouldn't want to make the Lord wrong now or anything would we.

     You ever notice how on clothes and things it says, Made in the USA
or Made in Japan?

     You ever notice how the President says 'God Bless America'?

     I think we should say 'Made on Earth', and 'God Bless Earth'.

     If corporations and Presidents were to move to that mode of
expression something might change.