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Date:         Fri, 13 Oct 89 17:20:51 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Erasure
To:           Adore-l list 
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>        In short, I maintain that forgetting can, in general, only be cancelled
>by a separate and fundamentally different action than forgetting again.
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     A spirit can erase something completely.  They do this by creating
a perfect duplicate of it and poof it is gone.  They do this when they
leave a time stream forever never to return.

     It is called vanishment.

     However if they return to the universe they can reknow anything
just by approximating the space of the object they desire to know
because all objects have knowingness built it.  Its like the little
radio receivers you get in museums where in you walk past a display
and the transmitter lets you know about that display.

     You could only vanish this entirely by vanishing the object in
the universe for EVERYONE.

     Lower than that forgetting is strictly a matter of blocking out.
Mainly by sticking yourself IN a memory of a time when you could not
remember because you were hurt or being killed.

     This is similar to freezing the read write head on the disk drive.
The DISK is not harmed, the ability to move on the disk is.

     Such glue on the disk arm very definitely works by doing it twice.
If you do what you did to create it, it will vanish.

     By the way this mechanism is only true be cause you SAID so, and
you have as yet failed to SAY SO twice.  So it is still true.

     Dont expect to get rid of it easily.  It was the entering
postulate to this universe. You would have to be able to enter
this universe again to get rid of it.

     All normal failure of human memory is strictly a matter of
being stuck on the time track at a point where you were knocked
unconscious.  You ARE remembering a time when you could not remember.
You just don't realize this.  Your memory is working perfectly even now.
You just cant move off that moment.

     Of course you CHOSE to stick yourself in such a spot to help yourself
survive in the face of idiotic danger coming at you from your parents,
schools, the government, the real world around you and your own world
view, unhappy as it was.

     These child hood decisions STICK until we reoperate them.  At first
we knew this, but then we forgot that along with everything else.
So it is sort of a self holding trap until someone reminds you and you
get the guts to remember what it is that made you want to forget.

     Of course all this could be WRONG.  But it IS consistent and clear and
provable IF IT IS TRUE.

     It is true.  My memory is opening up finally.  Everything I write
about this forgetting stuff is right out of my own experience.
My ability to DO it though is far better than my ability to WRITE ABOUT it,
and my ability to DO it sucks.

     But not for long.  Skeptics lose.

 Homer               Adore-l list        10/13/89*Erasure