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Date:         Fri, 13 Oct 89 20:09:28 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     Consider the simple floppy disk drive.

     It contains three main parts.

     The magnetic disk, the moveable read/write head, and the program
that directs the movement.

     The magnetic disk is your memory, your time track.  You are recording
every moment of your life in your time track.  Your time track and
the decision to record your life on the time track are both self
created things done many millions of years ago.  Your time track records
BEFORE you get the data yourself and records MORE than you get with your
conscious attention.  Thus you can go back to your time track and glean
new information that you did not pay attention to before.

     Further your time track records BETTER when you are unconscious from
pain or injury or death.  This is a new one.

     The time track records every physical impingement on your body of
lightwaves, sound waves, effort waves of any kind, anything you can
sense.  It records all your thoughts, evaluations, postulates,
considerations.  It records all your emotion.  All the thoughts,
emotions, and efforts that YOU create during a life and all the counter
thoughts, emotions and efforts that impinge on you during the same time.

     It records across life times and during lifetimes, during sleep,
and especially during unconsciousness brought upon by injury or death.
It records the UNCONSCIOUSNESS of the moment along with the DATA you
were unconscious of.  Thus when you get near such a memory, you start to
yawn, or you fall asleep, or you go unconscious, or you drop dead.

     Your time track does NOT reside in your brain, which is a dream
machine anyway and doesn't exist, although if you POKE your brain in the
right place you can evoke your time track.  Your brain is a nice little
dream machine and works well.

     You can remember in three different ways with respect to your time

     You can RECALL (simple remembering) whereby you in present time get
an idea of what happened by looking at a picture (a recording) of the
event.  Pictures are not just color form but also sound, touch, taste
and feeling form too.  People when describing what they are recalling
will talk in the past tense, 'I went to the movies, payed my ticket and
went inside.  I had a good time.'

     You can RETURN to a portion of your time track.  When this happens
the person reexperiences the entire memory as if it is happening again
right now.  They know they are returned and can still deal with present
time, but will talk in the present tense when describing the memory.  'I
am arriving at the movies, and now I am paying for my ticket.  Now I am
walking inside.  Boy am I having a good time.'

     You can RELIVE a portion of the time track.  In this case the
person is no longer in contact with present time but is reenacting and
experiencing the memory as if it were now.  Such people do not describe
their memories in this state but act them out directly.  'Two tickets

     If you have pictures of your self as a little kid in your memory
where your body is in the memory at a distance from where your viewpoint
is, that is if you are looking AT your body in the memory then you are
exteriorized from the MEMORY of your body because it is too painful to
reexperience the memory from the viewpoint you actually had at the time
which of course is being directly inside your head.

     Back to our floppy disk drive.

     The read write head is YOU.  Actually in a real floppy the read and
write heads are the same head and they move together and you cant write
and read at the same time.  In our pretend floppy disk drive there are
two independant heads on either side of the disk, one of which is
writing all the time, recording your present time, laying it down on
your time track, and the other is reading the track as it is commanded.

     The computer program directing the creation of the floppy drive in
the first place and the writing of a continuous record, and the reading
of needed information later is the constellation of your desires that
direct you to do what ever you want to do.

     Normally the read head can go anywhere on the magnetic disk at the
direction of your desires.

     The magnetic disk can be in three states.  It can be randomly
magnetized, which means nothing has ever been written.  It can be
magnetized DOWN which means a zero has been written and it can be
magnetized UP which means a 1 has been written.

     On a real floppy they come new with random magnetization and need
to be formatted with zero's before they are used.  This ensures that
they will write properly for their whole expanse.

     If you bring a magnet near a floppy you can re randomize its
contents and what data was on it is irretrievably destroyed.

     If you physically damage the surface the same thing happens.

     Erasing some pencil writing with an eraser is the same as bringing
a magnet near the floppy.  Filing the surface with an emory board would
accomplish just as much.

     However this imaginary floppy disk has another ability that is
little known.  If you write something on it, you can erase what you
wrote by writing it again.  It is very much like a flip flop.  If you
poke it once it turns on.  If you poke it again it turns off.

     Whether the re written section returns to a random state or just
returns to a zero state is moot as the human time track has only two
states, zero and one.  Either something is there or it isn't.  If you
write twice to the time track what was there vanishes totally.

     An aberration can happen in the disk drive where in it starts to
take instructions of where to read next DIRECTLY FROM WHERE IT IS
READING.  Usually the computer program directs where the read head
should go next.  But sometimes a short circuit can be caused BY THE
COMPUTER PROGRAM such that if what the read head reads SAYS to go read
somewhere else, it will.  This of course is very wrong as it bypasses
the main program in the computer and the disks starts to behave in
random ways on its own.

     It can lead to endless loops and it can lead to a stuck read head.
If the read head reads the phrase 'STAY HERE', it will continuing to
read that phrase over and over again continuing to move to that same
position each time, a place that it is already at.  Silly, no?

     And very dangerous.

     The apparency to the computer is that it has lost its memory or
that the only thing in its memory is 'STAY HERE'.  The read head no
longer obeys computer control but seems to be obeying data control on
the disk.

     This is the state of your memory when you cant remember something.

     You ARE remembering something over and over again and that is ALL
you are remembering.  Probably a moment when you were violently hurt,
either as a child, or as a fetus, or as an inbetween lives spirit, or as
a past lives spirit, or as a before bodies spirits.

     These moments of violence contained WORDS spoken by your tormentors
either coincicentally OR ON PURPOSE, and YOU (the read head) have gotten
stuck in one of these moments of pain and unconsiouness because the DATA
that is recorded there says you had better not move.

     There are millions of 'STAY HERE', DON'T MOVE', DON'T GO ANYWHERE'
kinds of phrases in our time tracks laid down on purpose by beings who
did not look upon our freedom kindly.

     Since you are STUCK IN that memory, and since it is a memory of
extreme pain and unconsciousness, when you look for it you draw a blank,
but it is right where you ARE.  These memories can be so strong as to
make the person say 'no way, Jose, I don't believe a word of this'.  Of
course THAT phrase would be in such a memory too.  You see that the read
head is just reading what it is told to read by the memory it is reading
rather than doing what the computer (your desires) is trying to direct
it too.

     Preposterous, you say.  So says that memory you are stuck in.

     The way out of this is either to reWRITE the memory you are stuck
in which will vanish it freeing up your read head to get stuck in yet
another silly self validating loop, or you can recreate the effort that
you used to make your read head obey the memory instead of the computer.
You WANTED this at one time, probably to create a condition in your body
to get you out of some enslavement of some sort or another that your
parents or people of such ilk were running on you.

     Getting stuck in a memory of dying of the plague will give you all
the symptoms of the plague in present time, called getting sick and
staying out of school.  Thus it is useful to get our read heads stuck in
such memories if we can cause that they will stay there on their own
accord and we can say to our parents, 'look ma, no hands' implying that
we have had nothing to do with our being sick as it is clearly taking
place and continuing by itself.  Parents of course did this to THEIR
parents, so they fall for it when their kids do it to them.

     Once you created this condition of your read head obeying the
memory instead of you, you got stuck in a memory area where you probably
did not know about this mechanism, so you 'forgot about the mechanism'
and thus could not get yourself out of it again.  Cute.  Well done.

     You never actually forgot anything, you just got stuck in a moment
of time where you didn't know it in the first place.

     You got stuck in a moment of time when you were dying with an arrow
through your left eye and someone cute and sexy was leaning over your

     Death moments with phrases like that will stick your read head
FOREVER MORE in that moment trying to get some love no doubt.

     Of course YOU had to determine that your read head would obey your
memory rather than YOU.  It was a ploy to end enslavement of some sort
or another.  It worked.  But you got stuck with it.

     Practice creating this mess, practice creating situations where you
would WANT to create this mess, and you will vanish through reoperation
the mess you created.  You may find that you wish you still had the mess
to protect you from assholes in present time, and boy are there a lot of

     But if you just vanished it by recreating it, you can just recreate it
again and make it stay around too.

     Leave a note to yourself though so that you don't forget it
forever this time, eh?

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm     10/13/89 No subject