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Date:         Wed, 08 Mar 89 16:42:02 EST
From:         homer smith 
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Wed, 8 Mar 89 09:51:21 CDT from 

>   The point was to interest the reader in considering the possibility
>that the Deity (call it what you will) is so big and incomprehensible,
>that you can't even get a handle on what it might require for your own

     This sounds like a fast road to spiritual apathy and resentment
about Creator who does not care enough to help you out of the muck.

And no, you can't become a deity like it in any respect, not
>even if you're Homer Smith.

     This is insulting Nick, and uncalled for.

     Almost every serious religion I know, especially the Eastern
ones and even Christianity hold that the soul is on an upward
Journey back to full Divinity.

And no, what you think about its validity
>or lack thereof is so beside the point that it's not even worth a laugh.

    The God that is postulated in this theory is a monster.

>This seemed to be the essential Judaic viewpoint, although it may only be
>the essential Simcha viewpoint, and that's another reason I included it.
>I felt that it might "transfer" some Judaic wisdom to this list.

     I sure hope not.

>                           Nick Geovanis - SysProg
>                           AdminCompCtr - UnivIllinois - Chicago

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