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.ce ((Editor's comments in double parenthesis - Homer))

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.ce ADR - 60
.ce 10 March 1989

.ce Copyright (C) Homer Wilson Smith
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     Ok, lets start at the beginning.

     Either you ARE a body or you are IN a body.

     If you ARE a body, then getting out of your body is not possible in
any litteral sense even though you might still have some physical powers
of seeing at a distance.

     If, on the other hand you CAN actually get out of your body and
control it from a distance, then you are NOT a body, but a rider of
bodies, much as we ride horses.

     This also means you can get off your body entirely, and let it go
munch where it will.  It has a will of its own, albeit an aminal kind of
will much like a very intelligent chimp.  Or a college freshman.

     So which is it?

     Let us assume that you are IN a body.  That means there is a YOU
that is IN the body, and that YOU and your BODY are two different
entities, each capapble of independant existance.

     If you get out of your body, and go hang around the ceiling or the
moon for that matter, and someone kills your body, you will still be
hanging out around were ever you were.

     This means of course that YOU and your memory and your personality
and goals and abilities, have nothing to do do with the brain or
biochemistry of the body, just as the physical body of the horse has
nothing to do with the rider.

     But once the rider chooses to use the horse to get around, the
rider becomes limited by the horses limitations.  Horses for example
need to eat hay and water every day.  The RIDER does not need to eat hay
or water, and one should never get the rider confused with the horse.

     So assuming you are an independant entity from the body you are in,
we must assume that you do not die when it dies, (you kind of fall off
your horse the hard way) and just so, you were not born when it was.

     This means that sometime after the birth of your body, you took it
on as a horse for this lifetime.

     This may not have been a very intelligent or proper thing to do,
but in this society and this section of the universe it is pretty
standard behavior for any spirit who wants to be part of our present

     But when you take over the body, most of us tend to take it over
too completely, we BECOME it to the point that we decide to not know
anything but what the body knows.

     But just after birth the body does not know anything.

     Thus we grow up knowing only what we were taught or what we were
able to find out for ourselves through our body.

     But the memory of taking over the body, and the memory of
forgetting our memory sort of lie hidden until someone reminds us it is
all a game.

     But recovering our memory of taking over the body and forgetting
that we did so is usually beyond most people.

     That is because they are trying to remember a time when they chose
to FORGET something.  Namely who they really are, and where they really
come from (eternity) and what they have been up to for the last zillion

     So here is the magic.  To remember doing something, you should
practice doing it again.  Then your memory will respond.  Well, it
follows that to remember FORGETTING something, you should practice
FORGETTING again until the memory of forgetting comes forward.

     Most people who start to apply this find they start remembering an
awful lot of evil.  Sometimes they wonder if it is their own evil or
anothers, and proabably it is some of both.

     There is much stuff on our past track that we would prefer to
forget, and as painful as it is to think we live once and die, for some
that is better than owning up to what they think they did hundreds of
years ago.  It is a matter of seeing what really happened and forgiving

     Thus by reoperating what one would do to swoop in on a baby body in
some hospital or home, and to go inside its head, and chose to forget
one's past and what one really is, this starts to churn the very memory
of doing this at the beginning of this life time.

     By reoperating walking in, you return the ability to walk in.  But
you have to be OUT to really walk in, so practiceing walking in, sort of
puts you out.  And one day you just suddenly slip out of your body and
you remember what you did and how you did it.

     And you scare the Jesus out of yourself.

     I am not there yet, myself, but close enough to tell you about it.

     I am not a very courageous fellow, and there is a lot of evil I
have forgotten.

     I have remembered enough though to realize that all the pain and
injustice is resolvable, but it is real hard doing it alone without
someone who has made it all the way and who cares for you.

     An awful lot of people CLAIM to have made it all the way.

     My experience of the ones I have met, is that they haven't.

     But then 'all the way' is an awfully large accomplishment, sort of
a PhD of divinity, and I would be satisfied to just earn my
undergraduate degree.