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.ce ((Editor's comments in double parenthesis - Homer))


.ce ADR - 61
.ce 10 March 1989

.ce Copyright (C) Homer Wilson Smith
.ce Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes

     If you assume that the outward universe of matter, energy, space
and time are actual, then trying to explain conscious phenomenon by
postulating a second internal Sourcing mechanism, adds extra complexity
that probably makes the theory unweildy.

     However if you really use Ocam's Razor and say that the external
universe does not exist at all but is just a projected hologram, then
one is faced with the problem of how to fit all that ability (to
project) into something that has no space or time.

     It is easy for our consciousness to imagine causation in the
external universe, because that is the apparency of our lives (cause is
out there) and also because it is the very purpose of consciousness to
project external things with cause, even if you believe the internal
source theory.

     The purpose of the internal cause is to project the apparency
of external cause, matter, energy, space, time and other beings OUT

     However the internal Source theory is very adamant about being
considered with some seriousness.

     There is no evidence that there is an external universe at all,
because all our evidence comes through our consciousness.  What we know
is real is the picture we see in our consciousness.  Everything else is
an effort to explain the detail and consistency (and horror) of what we

     Trying to imagine an internal 0 dimensional multi faceted actuality
which is eternal and immortal, yet which indulges not only in games of
virtual matter, energy, space and time but also in total ignorance of
itself is a bit much to stomach.

     I submit that this is none the less the true version of reality and
because it is true it can be proven.  However one would have to put more
research into the matter before such a concrete proof could be found.

     However the theory will never be proven as long as little or no
serious thought is given to the theory, nor while the views of meatball
conscious dream units who are sure they cant be sure of anything, rule
the world.

     This universe acts like a grave for skeptics.  They assume what
isn't real is real (external space time universe) and so assume that
what is real, is not real (internal Source universe).

     And they do this with tremendous unshakable 'certainty' based on

     As salvation of the soul is essentially just waking up to the
illusion of externality, and one's responsibility for being asleep in
it, skeptics continue to wander for ever in the dream lifetime after
lifetime.  Each life thinking it is their one and only.

     How sad.

     But you know you TRY to tell them the truth, but they won't even
look at it.  So maybe there is justice after all.

     There are no skeptics in Heaven.

     But there are plenty in Hell.  Matter, Energy, Space and Time.

     Sorry to offend.  Blame it on the Mirror.