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.ce ADR - 62
.ce 10 March 1989

.ce Copyright (C) Homer Wilson Smith
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     Posted to PSI-L.

     Yes Ben, I am afraid I am still shaking from my experience on the
skeptics list where a perfectly reasonable posting of mine was met with
slime and insults.

     I have been dealing with people who are convinced the external
world is real and Divinity a non existent joke for my whole life, and I
find that underneath all their skepticism is a true desire to not know
the truth.  Especially the ones who claim that I can not face the
reality of death, therefore I invent ones of my own.

     I tend to respond in a reasonable way to people with reasonable
questions, but I get out of hand when I have to start dealing with the
covert endless dripping sarcasm of those who would shoot me down because
they can not stand the joke that life has played on them.

     I used to be a meat ball.  I believed as my parents did that the
world was real and we were bodies and maybe God made us and maybe God
would ressurrect us AS BODIES, but I found the god bit a bit hard to
swallow, so it seemed to me that when I died, I died.

     My mother died when I was in 4th grade, she fell off a gorge and
some boys found her body 3 months later.  My father died of old age and
a broken heart a few years later.  He was 67, she had been 35.

     That morning when I woke up ALONE to find my father cold and stiff
in bed, I was faced with the opportunity to change my mind to a more
spiritual view, but the cold hard facts of the external universe were
just too real to me and I bought the mortality rag hook, line and

     Many years later I realized the world was a dream, but the enormity
of the pain I had gone through believing that I was a fragile body, and
that my parents were really gone forever hit me in the face like a ton
of bricks.  It was beyond my ability at the time to take responsibility
for the joke I had played on myself.

     Actually my parents are doing just fine now, probably in some other
cute and cuddly little body, hopefully more aware of their spirituality
in this life, then they were in their last, but at least they are alive.
If I ever meet them again, and I recognize them, I will certainly give
them a piece of my mind for the bullshit they pulled on me, but things
are resolvable.

     Anyhow confronting the majesty of the joke I played on myself in
believing in death when it was never true, has been a major operation of
importance to my life and well being.

     But I still have to live in a world where fully 95 percent of the
people I know either believe that everybody but them is going to Hell
Forever, or that we all die and thats it.

     The thing that gets me is they seem to WANT to believe this.

     Anyhow I thought this list was not for skeptics, that they had all
flocked to where the truth was on SKEPTICS, and I would hope that I do
not have to put up with silly demands that I prove my point of view.
Those who have gotten out of their bodies, experienced a microsecond or
two of Divinity have very much better things to do with their time than
to prove to the remaining meat balls that such things are there.

     You CANT prove anything to them except by getting THEM to
experience it themselves.  But no one is a guru here, and it is hard
enough dealing with our own non confront, with out having to deal with
the non confront of others.

     I left the skeptics list because the meat ball to spirit ratio was
much too large.  It is hoped that the meat balls remaining on this list
((PSI-L)) realize that this list is a religious sanctuary for those of
us with some vision to get on with our lives with out having to be
distracted by those whose eyes are closed too tightly to open.

     They say PROVE it to me.  But they will not open their eyes to
LOOK.  I know because I was the same way.  I suppose I should have some
sympathy for those in a similar plight, but it did not take a crowbar to
open my eyes.  I was TRYING to open them all along.  All that was needed
was for someone to show me what it was I was not looking at.

     I have done that for others now.

     The world is a dream.  You are responsibile.

     Responsible is spelled DIVINE.

     Divinity is all powerful, self responsible good.

     Holiness is care operating Divinity.

     Power stems from operating Majesty.