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.ce ADR - 63
.ce 10 March 1989

.ce Copyright (C) Homer Wilson Smith
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      I understand and agree to everything you say.

     It is very possible I do not belong on this list at all ((PSI-L)).

     'Religious' sanctuary is sort of a strong word, and surely has
connotation of fanaticalness that are inappropriate on this list.

     However it must be remembered that exteriorization and all psi
capabilities are strictly spiritual phenomenon, and the clinical dry
attitude that scientists bring to it is inappropriate to the emotional
results of succeeding in such endeavors.

     OBE's may have happy military ramifications, but they will be
overshadowed by the emotion of finding out about your own personal
Immortality.  Get my point?

     It is two different worlds.

     In some sense the 'scientist' does not even belong in this arena
because it is non of his business.  If he wants to find out about
exteriorization he can do it himself and report back.  Studying ME while
I am involved in such things is a strong invasion of emotional privacy.
Watching people confont Godhood, is like watching people have sex.  It
detracts from the experience which is after all the important part of

     PROVING or EXPLAINING it to others who can not do it themselves, is
scraps from the table for them if they are so lucky, which mostly they
are not, since most people who can do this sort of stuff never talk
about it or go off onto mountains where they won't be bothered.  Who
needs a scientist watching when you are wrestling with the beast.

     People are also criticising me about how I say things.

     I am merely stating a view with out apology.  Certainly it can be
proven wrong.  I am open to discussion and explanation.

     For people to confuse stating a view with dogmatism merely means
THEY have grown up around domatic people who were incapable of
correction.  I do not owe them special treatment.

     It is my position to state the views, some do want to hear them,
and those who do will do the experiments to see if they are true.  If
they are not true they will state so without apology and perhaps state a
counter view.

     All this 'I believe...' in front of every sentence is a waste of
time, I do not ask it of others, and I do not grant it to others.

     If you wish me to stop posting, I will do so.

     It is possible to have a discussion without having to prefix every
sentence with 'Maybe...', 'Perhaps...', 'It is my opinion...' or 'I

     The reason is that we are not dealing with polite beliefs here.

     It is not true that 'I believe I exist.'

     I exist.  And if someone doubts that, they are wrong.  Period.

     If they wish to argue the politeness of such certainties they may
do so, but I will try not to get involved.

     Anyhow, everything I say is open to question, clarification and
proof.  It is only this last that I do not owe.  If I can provide proof
I might consider sharing it, but I also might not.

     It is up to each to look for themselves and draw their own

     If counter proof can be given then the statement of the view will
have to be changed.

     It is the VIEW which says, 'We are immortal.'

     I am only the carrier of the view, and in fact subscribe to to it
with a certain amount of certainty.  The absoluteness of the STATEMENT
of the view, should not be confused with any possible absoluteness of my
belief in the view.  They are two very different things.