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Date:         Fri, 10 Mar 89 20:59:35 EST
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      Homer's tyrrany.
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Fri, 10 Mar 89 17:31:45 CST from 

>I find refreshing that a bigwig cornell professor can be
>so radical, but in my opinion, your 'showmanship' blows it.

     I am not a professor, I do not have a PhD.  I am just
a soda jerk around here.

     I program the 3090 for Dr. John Hamal Hubbard whose main
interest is Chaotic Dynamical systems.

>I like your ideas about how you would like this forum conducted,
>it seems totally logical to me, but i don't think that jumping
>peoples shit everytime they break your rules is going to
>accomplish what you want.
     They are your rules too.

     I would be happy to stop jumping peoples shit every time
they post 0 content.  In fact I have let most go by.

     But you know if the moderator does not step in to handle
obvious violations then the other list members begin to lose
respect for the moderator too.  Some people would like me to
really jump shit and bounce a few.

     I have been trying to be civil about it.  Except for
old Mr. 0 Content himself, Pranab, everyone has been doing
mostly just fine.  He left on his own accord.  Leaving his usual
trademark kind of communiction behind for his last message.

     I am a bit worried that if I do not make mention of the more
obvious violations, that I will have this list handed to me on
a platter with my head by the bitnet at large types.  This list
is already on the verge.

     Sometimes I have regretted calling something 0 content, such
as the 'KILL ALL FANATICS' posting that went by a while back.
I actually see the content to it.

     But have I been unfair?

     But look at it from my point of view.  Although I refuse to answer
this question, you might ask yourself how many of you have had someone
else on the list ask me privately that you be removed?  Or tell me
personally that the reason they left was so and so's big mouth?

     It is fine if people leave because they cant stand the light,
but when their complaint is about some valid noise that went down
it hurts.  Of course it is still their fault that they did not speak
but chose the cowards way out.

     Half the people on this list want me to keep the peace, the
other half wish I would sign off and let them have at it.

     I must walk the line that I determine will keep the list alive
and out of hot water, and of some use to MY life.

     It is my head at stake and my reputation.

     I have a whole hell of a lot to lose.

>I also don't really like your pseudo-religion idea either. When i
>first checked it out, i thought it was kind of cute and ironic,
>and that it was sarcastic toward religion. (which is ok too)
>Now i think that it has gone too far. I think some people wont
>appreciate the sense of humor that it was created in, and will
>actually take you at face value, like you're starting your own
     I am.  ADORE is a world religion of 2.  And growing.

     It is however a non conversion religion.  People may join
if they like or they may cancel out at any time.

     I am very serious about ADORE, possibly too serious for
the jokesters and degraders who are not sure what they face
at the end of their life.

>I think that there is something inside sane people called
>common sense, and that people stray from it, as society
>screws around with their head.
>I think everyone can get back to it, but not by believing in
>someone elses scenario, religious or otherwise.

     Well you can take some consolation in the fact that ADORE
is not really mine.  I am remembering it off my past track from
a few million years ago.
>Homer, i recognize you as a fellow intellectual, but like all
>of us, tact comes along a little slower.

     Tact?  Ok be specific.  You mean no AVL's?  You mean keep
my opinions to myself?  You mean not put 0 content next to
0 content?

>I realize all this is just my personal opinion, i don't mean to
>get overly judgemental/critical, but since 'people are dropping
>like flies', maybe you could lighten up a little?

     The facts are that the list has stabilized at about 60
people.  Everyday 2 or 3 leave, and 2 or 3 join.  The one's
that are still leaving are mostly people who first signed on
before they knew what the list was about.

This list would
>get boring wouldnt it, if after a few months the only people left
>on it were the people who agreed with you?

     Ok, this is a serious charge.  Have I shown any prejudice
against people who do not agree with me?  No one has been kicked off,
so you cant hold that against me.

     Have I said something was 0 content when it really was 100 content,
but I just didn't agree with it?

     Have I flamed someone too hard or broken my own 50 percent rule?

     Are the AVL's contentless?  They are full of content actually,
but y'all may find them wrong as hell.
>Is this enuff content for you?

     This content has been fine.  Why would you think it wouldn't be?

>and don't even quote that avl shit at me, i don't save past postings
>of this list.

     What the hell are you talking about?

I think quoting avl *** violates your rules because
>you don't directly respond to the issue, just use a 'blanket avl'.

     Is this true?  At least on this list I can face my accusers.
And the evidence is all safely on disk.  Anyone else want to
make a comment on how I have broken my own rules?

     You know all I can say is you guys must really love being on
this list, cause the way it is sounding the moderator has used and abused
you all until you are just screaming with pain and injustice.

     If this is so, we can all play 'Let's court martial Homer.'

     I wonder how many other list moderators take this from their
readers?  Of course many moderators don't get so involved in their lists,
cause by taking sides with a viewpoint they would make others fear to post.

     But I have set up the rules here so that you don't have to be afraid
to post even if Homer disagrees.  You might get flamed but you can
always flame in return.  Eh?

     Ah well, Homer may be a douchebag, but Homer is a special douchebag, No?

 Homer W. Smith      Adore-l list         3/10/89*dropping like flies