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Date:         Sat, 11 Mar 1989 17:18:08 EST
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      two camps
To:           psi-l@rpicicge,

     There are two camps of people.  Those that divide people into
two camps and those that don't.

     From the above statement it should be clear that I do.

     The problem I find with people who claim that they believe
all possible views and all possible theories of reality at the
same time, is that these theories are in direct conflict with
each other as to what can happen and why it can happen and
most important how to bring it about.

     It is clear from the harshness of the physcial universe, that
if someone does not adhere rigidly to the idea that the truck will
kill him if it hits him, he will end up wrong more often than not.

     This implies that reality is one way and not another.

     The problem is that more than one reality can explain
why the truck kills.  If it came to just that, it would not
be important WHICH reality one chose because who cares.

     But if one wants to DO something about the condition
ones finds oneself in, then it is helpful to know the exact
underying mechanism for the operation of the universe.

     Of course if you are a quantum mechanics kind of guy you
would say there may be no exact anything about anything,
but I suspect that is obfuscation of the facts regardless
of how honestly they claim to believe it.

     Some people have not attained certainty that they exist.
If you ask them if they are certain of anything they will say no.
If you ask them if they are certain of that they will say no.
They doubt that they doubt.

     They are gone.  Certainly.

     The next thing to attain certainty on is that you CARE.

     Life sucks, except for those who think that life is just fine.

     But if you ever were to get out of your body and go SEE what
the state of everyone else in the world was you would see a lot
of pain and horror.  Even if you were to judge that mostly the
world is a great and fine place, there would still be these
hot spots of pain that you would want to DO something about.

     The problem of doing something about them then is
central to how to help the people who are IN those hot spots
of pain a suffering.  The child with alcoholic parents, the people
with severe drug addictions, the people in accidents and plane
crashes, the children is schools they hate, the war zones, etc.

     Probably the worst part of life is not-knowing what will happen
to us after death, or even worse, being convinced you die and thats it.
Some would PREFER this end, but it is not to them I write this.

     Even they are lying to themselves, as no spirit wants to die
forever except to escape a worse reality.

     So in the name of improving the conditions of peoples lives
and eternities it becomes very important to know how it all works.

     One of the first things that can be said about this with a high
degree of certainty is that it is not very important to know the exact
mechanism of how it functions as long as one can operate it.

     Who cares HOW memory works as long as we can remember and forget
at will.

     Who cares HOW the consious dream ball can get out of a body
and wander around and see and feel and interact with things,
as long as he/she can, and puts it to good ethical use, and does
not get himself or her friends into endless trouble by so
showing off such powers.

     On the other hand the more one understands how it does work,
the more one can control it and fix it in others.  So between
the two goals of operability and exact understanding a happy medium
must be reached.

     So here is where the dogmatism starts.

     Either you are responsibile for your condition and forgetfulness
of your responsibility or you are not.

     That is a logical dogma, so I am on safe grounds so far.

     Clearly if you MADE something and you forgot you did so,
you will find it hard to exercise any clear cut control
over the thing in question until you recover your responsibility
for having made it.

     If you CHOSE to enter this universe or to take over your
present body shortly after birth, then finding a way to escape or even
reenter into a better position will be hard until you recover how and
what you did to enter it the first time and then forget it.

     If on the other hand, after you chose to enter a game system,
you then insist on claiming that you had nothing to do with being
here, you will find your efforts to escape or improve your condition
in vain.

     It is very hard to vanish an unwanted condition that you made
a long as you are still unaware you made it.

     On the other hand if you did NOT make it and had no
rsponsibility for its existance, then finding out what to
do about it later is a whole nother ball game.

     Thus it behooves those of us who wish to DO something about
this joint, to find out how it works and what is at the bottom
of its existance.

     Some would say you cant know.
     Some would say you shouldnt know.
     Some would say they DO know.
     Some would say they don't know but can find out.

     I will tentativly say I did not know, but have found out a bit.

     And it starts with responsibility.  CHOICE.  Learning to re operate
the choice to be here, so that one can leave.

     Thus if you practice entering INTO a body, or trying to STAY
in a body at all costs, you will recover your ability to do just that,
and that in turn will lead to being able to slip out.

     You can always judge a theory by how much reponsibility it assigns
to the spirit involved.

     The Christians love to BLAME the spirit, but they do not assign
it any responsibility for being in the universe in the first place.

     The meatballs say the external universe was always there and
out of it we evolved from amino acids.  Fine, but zero responsibility
for the spirit that was so evolved.  You see?

     Evolution is correct of course, but that is for the BODY.

     Spirits came along and jumped into bodies long after they
had evolved to something fun and worthwhile.

     Christians would say that ONE spirit made all the other spirits.

     I say spirits were not made at all.  Out of their own
eternal omni sovereign existance they chose to have a game, and
created this joint called life in their consciousness, and they
all jumped in.

     The dream ends forever when the circle of friends are all
holding hands again.

                     psi-l@rpicicge       3/11/89 two camps