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Date:         Sun, 12 Mar 89 18:15:05 EST
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      Re: 'Inside' and 'outside'
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Sat, 11 Mar 89 12:29:08 MEZ from 

     Just to make sure that no one has mis understood me,

     The Adorian view of the world is that it is a projected 3 dimensional
hologram.  What is projected is space, time, matter and energy.
What is doing the projecting is a 0 dimensional multifacted
actuality called source for want of a better word.

     Understanding HOW source functions may possibly be out of the
range of conscious units, but being able to operate it is exactly
and only want conscious units are for.  Nothing happens that a
conscious unit does not directly will.  God said let there be light,
and was pleased.  Well thats you buddy.  How did I get into your dream

     Thus the body is a light picture in an arcade game of other
light pictures.  'Solidity' is the manifestation of one light
picture not being able to through another light picture the way
it can through 'empty' space.

     Space in its projected form, is very much like an LCD crystal.
In one 'polarization' it is clear and 'empty'.  In another polarization
it has color and form in it.  Both are just empty space, but the underlying
source that is mocking all this up, is programmed by us to not let
'things' go through each other or to occupy the same same as something else.

     An Adept at will can change the programming for himself and others,
and therefore can not only materialize new 'matter' at will, but can make
already existing matter vanish or go through other things already there.

     Adept's do not show off these powers, but they do use them
when in the scheme of things they are necessary.

     Thus the spirit, the viewpoint of the projection of space and time,
can enter or leave any projected light picture in the arcade game at will.
If he enters and 'becomes' an object in the projection, he will take on
by his own choice, the abilities and powers granted to that object
by who ever programmed source.  Anyone can program or unprogram whatever
anyone else unprogrammed or programmed.

     Thus a fully determined exteriorization involves not only getting
our of the body litterally and forever, but also involves getting out
of all the limitations we have assigned ourselves from birth and the
fear anger and sorrow that went with that, limitations that we
assigned to ourselves because we really had assigned them to our bodies,
and had assigned oursevles to our bodies too.

    Thus return of the ability to exteriorize at will is also a return
of full self responsibile Divinity.  Of course this was never really
lost, but the spirit regains the ability to operate again at full
source potential.

     The Adept can make mountains and he can vanish them.  Of course
he can MOVE mountains because that it just a matter of vanishing it
where it is and remaking it where he wants it.

     You see, nothing MOVES.  It is all a projection of color-form.
When you see a ball move across a table on the tv set, clearly
nothing is really moving.  The postion of the projection is moving,
but the image of the ball 3 seconds later, is not the same anything
as the original ball before it moved.  It is a new picture that LOOKS
like the same old ball in a new place.

     Just so with real space and time.  Nothing moves.  It vanishes
and a new version gets put up in a new position.  In fact this happens
even if the ball sits still.  From moment to moment it is a brand new
projection of something that LOOKS like the same ball.

     Much like a perfectly still candel flame.  Its always new.

     Please remember that this is merely a view.  The Adorian view.
Many others also claim this view under different names and theories.
Adore is not unique in this view, and in fact stole much of what it
says from elsewhere.

     It is up to each of us to decide for ourselves if it is true,
in toto or in part and to use that knowledge as best we can.

     You don't think for a moment that I believe this stuff do you?

 Homer W. Smith      Adore-l list         3/12/89*'Inside' and 'outside'