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.ce ADR - 8
.ce 23 February 1989

.ce Copyright (C) Homer Wilson Smith
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     From ADORE,

     'The caliper of the caliber of Souls,
is the questions they have asked and the answers they have rejected.'

     Caliper is what we measure with.

     Caliber is worth, and is what is measured.

     What the this says is that most people never even ask certain
questions (like did I forget that I chose to forget?), and for those
that do ask some questions, they believe some first in line but wrong
answer that comes along.

     'Have you chosen to forget a choice?'
     'Nah, not me man...'

     Thus being a skeptic is a hell of a lot saner than being a true

     From ADORE,

     'Belief is for Christians and losers.

     Belief is for those who can not KNOW.

     Disbelief is for those who do not WANT to know.

     Certainty is for those who would operate.'

     Are you certain of anything.  No?  Are you certain of THAT?
Yes?  Good, then you have established your certainty of
SOMETHING, namely your doubt and your existance.

     A nothing can not wonder whether it is a nothing.

     Thus if you wonder if you are a nothing, you arn't.  You are
a something.  A CONSCIOUS something.

     The question boils down to WHAT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COLOR
PICTURE we see all around us and call the external world.
This picture is very stable, and contains millions and millions
of things in it, and they are all there every day just as we left them
everytime we go to sleep.  What could possibly account for all this
detail and consistency in what we see in our picture?

     You see, THAT is the question.

     One answer is that there is an EXTERNAL UNIVERSE, billions
and billions of light years across that is made of space, time, matter
and energy (mass in motion).  This is the first in line answer
that so many Dust in the Winder's hold to.

     But there is another answer.  That answer is that there an INTERNAL
UNIVERSE (not a space-time one) that is able to project all this
space-time in our minds as if it were really out there.

     In other words the universe is one great big hallucination.  Or a
dream.  Or a projection.  Or an arcade game.  Or a hologram.  Or a
holodeck.  Or a holosuite.

     The problem with this view is, if I have been dreaming all this

     You see THAT is another QUESTION in search of an ANSWER.

     Well what happens next, determines whether you are ready to enter
the main sequence of beings preparing to wake up.

     You know its like when you are asleep having a real dream.  You
usually don't know you are dreaming.  It seems so real.  Sometimes when
you wake up you go, 'Whew, thank God THAT was not real!'  But maybe you
have had dreams where you KNEW you were dreaming.

     Maybe you went around checking out how solid the walls were, or
felt up a few girls knowing there was a limit to how much trouble you
could get into.  You can always just wake up right?  Or maybe you took
the elevator up to the highest floor you could find in your dream and
jumped off the roof to dare the dream to hurt you.

     Well to the degree that people believe that the external world is
real, they tend to also believe their dreams are real until they wake

     In other words the more mortal and solid someone conceives
themselves to me, the less likely they will have lucid dreams
where they know they are dreaming.  The more someone knows
he is dreaming even as he is going to work, the more likely
he will remember he is dreaming too when he is asleep.

     The main difference between a sleeping dream and a waking dream,
is you are not alone in the waking dream, others are linked into
and sharing your dream too.

     The only way most people wake up out of the real world, is by
dying.  Then they see much to their horror, that they are still alive
without a body, freaks the hell out of them it does, and they kick
themselves in the spirit for being such a dunce all their lives.

     But if they realize that the real world is all a dream too, with
others in it co dreaming with you, if they can live through the freak
out while they are alive, they will tend to have dreams at night
where they know they are dreaming, because the truth carries
over from the day time reality.

     If the external universe of matter, energy, space and time is real,
then you are a body.  When it dies, you die.  You had no choice about
being born and you will have no choice about dying.

     But if life is the holo-deck I claim it is, then your body and
brain and eyes do not exist except as a really solid semi-unshakable
dream, and you have existed forever, and will continue to exist forever,
and you can choose to have dreams or indulge in the big snooze for as
long as you like.

     Right now of course, we are all a little trapped in the present
dream called Earth, and leaving it for another, or just dropping out,
is not possible except for those who have become Adepts.  But really the
way out, is the way IN.

     If you can practice STAYING IN THE DREAM, you will find it easier
and easier to wake up or attain some partial state in between like
getting out of your body during sleep and watching your neighbors have
sex, or even get out of your body under full control during the day
time.  But don't tell the pentagon about it.

 >I've got a few friends up here who are adamant believers in
 >past lives, and the idea is very appealing to me.

     Belief is for Christians and losers.  Belief is for people
who want to die slowly and in pain.

     The trick to certainty of whole track memory is the ability to

     If you can forget something you can remember it, because you
will remember the moment you forgot it.

     If you practice forgetting the past, you will remember the moment
you FORGOT it.  Then you will remember what you forgot.  You will
probably promptly forget it again as it was not pretty.  There is beauty
there though.  But you have to reach to a higher level of maturity to
confront it than you had the last time you saw it.  The last time you
you saw it, you chose to forget what ever it was FOREVER.  Fortunately
such a silly thing can not happen.

 >However, as
 >an agnostic by nature I can't seem to find much support in their
 >arguments.  Basically, I guess I'm waiting for some personal
 >experiences of my own before I can put any faith in reincarnation.

     Mock up a past so horrible it would make you want to make
nothing out of everything.  THAT is what we are forgetting.
The past was not normal 9 to 5 life on Earth.  The past was
before bodies, a million years ago, in other civilizations, other
planets, other galaxies, even other universes and other times.

     The good and the bad that happend there makes Earth pale in
comparison.  Remember your past if you dare.  But if you dare, remember
to practice FORGETTING.  THAT is how you remember it.  You have to
remember the moment of forgetting first.  You remember that by doing it
again.  The memory of forgetting will come forward.  THEN the memory of
what you forgot will come forward.

 >  "So," you are probably asking yourself, "why is xxx telling ME
 >about all this?"  Well, I'm looking for any info I can find on
 >this subject.  I hope I'm not being too personal with this note,
 >as I am a total stranger.  Just let me know if you don't feel
 >like talking about it.  :)

     I have written a LOT of material on this subject.  Most of it would
get me crucified tommorrow.  It's all a matter of the seriousness of the
audience.  Everyone wants to just BE immortal.  But no one wants to PLAY
at being mortal once they ARE immortal.

     But, you see, if you ARE immortal, you HAVE BEEN PLAYING BEING
MORTAL, so you have to understand what kind of immortality this is, what
kind of divinity this is that would do such a thing to itself.

     By the way the game of being mortal is not the only game there is
to an immortal being (you).  Just one of the more serious ones.

 >  Basically, I'm wondering how you came to believe the things
 >you believe...

     Belief is for Christians.  I remember.  The Christians say
the world was made 6000 years ago, because they do not want
to remember what they were doing 7000 years ago.  (Murdering
each other!)

 >The people I know tend to have just this gut feeling
 >about it, and therefore interpret everything as proof of their
 >world view.

     From ADORE,

     'Do you remember those nightmares you used to have as a kid?  Well
they are real, and they are there for a reason.  I now know this reason,
and now I am having nightmares 24 hours a day!

     To some I would say I am a God.  They say, "You are crazy!"  To
them I say, yes I am a God AND I am crazy.  So watch out!

     You are either meat who thinks he is a God, or you are a God
who thinks he is meat.

     The only thing more insane than a man who thinks he is going to
live forever when really he is going to die, is a man who thinks he is
going to die, when really he is going to live forever.'

     You are immortal, because the only thing that dies is the body.
But the body is a color picture in your consciousness.  You can sleep,
but you can not cease to exist.  And you will always wake up from what
ever sleep you fall into, either a low level bad kind of sleep where
they hit you over the head and pump you full of drugs and tell you you
are a human being, and always have been a human being, and always will
be a human being (all the while cackling in the backgroud), or a high
level kind of sleep where you have chosen to disconnect from space and
time for a while (called the big snooze.)

     People find it hard to Big Snooze while they still have a body
under their jurisdiction, because whose gonna take care of it while you
are gone?  It is a living animal like a dog, you are giving it a
headache by being in its head, (you should be out of it), and it will
raid the refrigerator and the nearest pair of tits, if you let go of the
reins completely.

     It might even be able to drive your car.  But it would not be able
to FIX the car if the car broke.  You are not your body.  You are MUCH
more intelligent than your body, which is itself more intelligent than a
chimp.  But many people are so asleep, that when you talk to them you
mainly are talking to their body.

     They are BEING their body, don't you see, so they can do what
bodies can do, plus a bit more depending on how awake they are.  They
try to make their bodies THEM, and they try to make themselves their
BODY.  Both being and body get strained in the process.

     Bodies can talk by the way, especially after 20 or 30 years of
having a conscious unit using it to speak through.  If you let go of the
reins even with out leaving the universe, it has a tendency to say

 >I'm a skeptic, so that's not very acceptable to me,
 >but I'm really searching for something that will convince me of it.

     There is only one danger to being a skeptic and if it is not abused
then there is no problem.  That danger is the PROVE IT syndrome.

     From ADORE,

     'YOU CHOSE.  What PROOF did you leave behind you now?'

     You will know you are immortal when and only when you remember
FORGETTING you are immortal and WHY you forgot and you overcome the
fear, anger, sorrow and apathy.  No one else can ever prove anything to
you about your immortality.

     Find someone though who can read books in one room from another and
you will have good evidence that he is out of his body and able to
travel through solid walls.  Getting out of your head involves
travelling through solid matter, so once you are out, if you have the
guts, you can go where you want.  You find there are a lot of pipes with
brown goo in them under the streets and in your walls.

     Again, don't let the pentagon know you can get out, they
will want to use that ability for their ends.