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Date:         Mon, 13 Mar 89 20:53:19 EST
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      RE: skeptics list
To:           Adore-l list 
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>>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>>     Either you ARE a body or you are IN a body.
>>     If you get out of your body, and go hang around the ceiling
>>or the moon for that matter, and someone kills your body, you will
>>still be hanging out around were ever you were.
>this is where your argument falls apart.  The above statement does
>not necessarily follow.

     My arguement does not fall apart because no arguement is
being made.  There is no claim to necessity of followingness.

     I am merely stating a VIEW, one which I hold and is held
by many others who claim they have experienced it.

     Although there is much talk about the umbilical chord
attaching the astral body to the physical body, and although
it may even be true that when the physical body dies, the
astral body dies with it, this just means that
the SPIRIT/DREAMBALL has more than one body to exteriorize
from at death or during life.

     Each plane of existance, PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, MENTAL and CAUSAL,
has a 'body' that goes with it.  It is all just part of the chosen
facade that the spirit is operating for the purpose of having a game.

     If a spirit attains exteriorization from a physical body but
not of the astral, mental and causal bodies, then he is still in
a 'body' and will probably get another physcial body in due course.

     Depending upon who you talk to, the physical body is sort
of an addiction the roots of which lie in a mishandled astral body,
the roots of which lie in an incorrect mental body, the roots of which
lie in irresponsibility in the causal body.

     It seems even from others that beyond the causal bodies are
4 more planes that have to be exteriorized from in due order but
by that time one is an Adept working ones way up to total Godhood.

     As I remember the names of THOSE planes from the junk I have read are,
Buddhic, Nirvanic, Monadic and Divine.

     Above the Divine plane is Omni Sovereignty and Eternal Peace.

     In any case, the spirit who is cause is not any of his bodies
on any 'plane' of existance and in all the things I have read there
is MUCH dissension about what those planes are and how to handle

     The spirit can not die as it is timeless and not multiform (has
not parts to be busted apart) and is cause of the projections that
can die and be busted apart.

     The illusion of death comes from identifying too well with one of
the figures in the arcade game which can die.  But it is all just
a light picture anyway.  April Fools!

 Homer W. Smith      Adore-l list         3/13/89*skeptics list