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>My experience has been that the majority of individuals purporting to
>possess such abilities are outright frauds. They repeatedly collapse
>under the simplist empirical testing. However, I have come across a
>couple of people who possess what appears to be genuine forecasting
>ability. Clairvoyants who can, under the proper circumstances,
>forecasts truly nonforeseeable events.

     There is much talk about the Akashic records which is a level
of consciousness wherein all of the past is available for
immediate viewing.  It is also said the the future is contained
there too in the form of decision triangles.

     A decision triangle is a point branching out to one of two
possible other points depending on whether a person either
does or does not do something at any moment of time.  Thus his
life and actions are a travel along these decision triangels as
he chooses to go right and left.

     An Adept, one who has mastered this level of awareness (which
is VERY VERY HIGH) is able to not only see what all the persons
future triangles look like and which way he will go, but can also change
which way he will travel on them.

     So from a lower level it looks like the Adept can see the
future, but from a higher level he can also change it.

     Apprently it can not be changed by any effort at a lower
level as these efforts are all just movements along the
triangles themselves.

     However when a persons efforts finally lead to being an
Adept he can change the course of history or not which I presume is
just another higher level decision triangle for himself.

     Don't know if I believe any of this, but an awful lot of people
say it is true.
 Homer W. Smith      jsurowy@waynest1     3/21/89 Paranormal Activity