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Date:         Wed, 22 Mar 89 03:35:09 EST
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      Re: Why do I have a body?
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Tue, 14 Mar 89 05:28:00 CST from 

>Whose silly idea was it to give me a body anyway, when it can
>so easily be a channel to control of my spirit by others? Who came
>up with the idea that I should have this bulky physical limitation
>wrapped around me that causes me to relearn how to think, communicate,
>react and have wisdom? It smells in the armpits, too!

     You did.  You were doing it to others and laughing all the
way before you finally got caught in your own bear trap.

     Its an infinite regression.  The universe has been around
forever in various parts of its big bang cycle.  New beings coming
into this universe always have a lot of power but no brights.

     They screw up others, regret it, get caught and become
part of the mess, to be screwed up yet again by even newer beings.

     Some get out.

     Actually all get out.

     But it can take a while.

 Homer W. Smith      Adore-l list         3/22/89*Why do I have a body?