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Date:         Wed, 22 Mar 89 06:19:23 EST
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      Re: life is a holodeck
To:           "Too Weird To Destroy (Feldman, Shari)" ,
In-Reply-To:  Your message of Wed, 15 Mar 89 13:21:02 est

>  I'm starting to get caught up on all my mail.  After reading your response
>to Norm (Friday, March 10, 1989 at 2:15 pm), I got the feeling that you were
>saying that we don't exist.  Is this what you are saying, or am I completely
>misreading your message.
>  Sorry if you already answered this question on the discussion list, but
>like I mentioned earlier, I'm a few days behind on my mail.
>                                                Shari Feldman

     Hello Shari, you certainly DO exist.  And CARE, no?

     I am surprised that anyone is talking to me from PSI-L after
my sexist remarks, but since you are abviously approaching me
in an intelligent manner I will respond to your query.

     My claim is that the thing which is AWARE of being AWARE exists.
That thing is you.  It is what is conscious of the picture of the
world around you, your feelings, your pain and pleasure, your
intentions, dreams, hopes and goals.  Everything that is ALIVE
and SENTIENT and AGENT (cause) about you exists.

     What does not exist is the external universe of space, time
matter and energy.

     Just like when you are sleeping, and you have a dream, you
EXPERIENCE a world of external space and time, but it is only
a mockup in your conscious pictures.  Just so with the real world also.

     The only difference between being asleep and being awake, is there
are others dreaming the same world with you when you are awake, which
is why you cant shake it and wake up to the world we came from.

     But even that world is just another level of dream.

     The point is that reality is not a 3 dimensional space/time
continuum, but a 0 dimensional holographic projection system.

     Each soul acts as a viewport to the world we think is outside,
but is really stored in the matrix of eternity.

     Poetic, and unprovable for the moment, but essentially correct.

     People wonder how something could exist at all if there were
no space and time to hold it all.  This is a good question and
certainly I have no easy answers.  But it is in that direction that
I think we fill find the answer to why the universe at large exists,
and what we can do about it.

     On a personal scale we can detach ourseleves from enforced
involvement in the external universe.  Maybe not while we still
have this body, but we don't HAVE to get another body after this one dies.
We CAN just go were we want to and have fun.

     Or 'wake up' to the Big Snooze, peace forever for free.

     Of course we can 'go to sleep again' and come back to a 'real life'
with others when ever we chose.

     I think on Earth though most people are terribly addicted
to having bodies, so life after life they chose to just get another
dream machine and live the lives they do.  I am just another one of
these body addicts so I have no idea what I am talking about, but
I think I am on solid ground when I say that the external picture
of solid ground is just a picture, and that we are all immortal
conscious dream units playing at being made of matter and living
once and dying.

     Its a horrible dream, and I cant imagine anyone in their right
mind wanting to indulge in it on purpose, but then again here we are.

 Homer W. Smith      Too Weird To Destro  3/22/89*life is a holodeck