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Date:         Wed, 22 Mar 89 06:32:54 EST
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      Re: in regards to my last message....
To:           "Too Weird To Destroy (Feldman, Shari)" ,
In-Reply-To:  Your message of Wed, 15 Mar 89 13:48:18 est

>I've now gotten a little further on Friday's mail and have read your response
>to Steve Bearman (5:48 pm).  So what you are saying is that we exist, but the
>world outside doesn't?  that we create our world in our minds?  but that
>these world "co-exist" with the worlds that other people create?
>Assuming that I'm understanding you correctly, how is death explained?  Would
>it be a person "waking up" from one dream to go on to a different dream?
>                                        Shari Feldman

     I see you have not gotten to the sexist messages yet.  This woman
is about to stop talking to me altogether.

     Anyhow, you have pretty much summed it up exactly as I would have
said it.

     When the body dies, we get kicked out of it forcefully and are in
what ever state we are in with out a body.  It is possible we are in
contact with another 'higher' dream, or it is possible we are so
addicted to needing bodies to see, that it is all just cold and dark
and we race for the nearest baby body around to give us sensation again.

     From what I have gleaned when a person first gets out of
their body while it is still alive, they may have a terrible time
seeing the physical universe as they have been so dependant on their
'bodies' eyes to see with. (its all a dream so I cant imagine why).

     But with a little practice and daring they manage to learn
how to see all around them 360 degrees like, and they learn to
'stop' their vision on walls and solid objects so that they
don't compulsively see through everything which can be annoying.

     The problem comes in trying to control things.  The body
can be controled in a number of different ways, I am told the
best way is to handle it with mental commands that it obeys
under its own will.  The body, being used to being forcefully
directed around for so many years, has a very hard time of
doing things on its own, let alone at your mental bidding.

     But once this is all cleaned up, the spirit and the body
get along fine like master and dog.

     It may all be a dream, but it is a very involved dream and
it virtualizes a physcial universe is all of its detail.  Thus if
you wish to consider the physcial universe as real, you can do so
because for all practical purposes and extents, the dream is perfect
about its creation.

 Homer W. Smith      Too Weird To Destro  3/22/89*in regards to my last message