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Date:         Wed, 22 Mar 89 06:42:26 EST
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      Re: another question...
To:           "Too Weird To Destroy (Feldman, Shari)" ,
In-Reply-To:  Your message of Wed, 15 Mar 89 14:05:33 est

>This one is sort of off the subect that life is a hologram, but it popped
>into my mind.  Do you believe that animals have spirits?  What I'm trying to
>ask, I guess, the world that animals live, do they create that world for
>                                Shari Feldman

     There are two views on this that I know of that fit in the
Life is a Holodeck theory.

     The first view is that all spirits when they jump into this
game at the beginning of their tenure in it, jump into a state
of being totally undeveloped and un self conscious.  They get the
bodies of atoms and such things and start to evolve upwards in
consciousness, self consciousness and ability by passing through
objects (as atoms) of higher advancement.  Passing through a human
body for example gives all the spirits that do so a big boost.

     Every atom, molecule, organ, and animal is a spirit in
one or more advanced states of evolution up the spiritual ladder.

     Eventually they get to be fully mature triune spirits and get
to join the rest of the spiritual world as self conscious beings
free to come and go as they wish. That is how they started off.

     Unfortunately this theory also has a little side agenda that says
that when these spirits finally get to the self conscious stage they
go through a sort of test wherein their male and female halves become
separated into two distinct projections.  Their job is to bring them
back into alignment again as a whole being.  If instead they make it with
each other sexually they fail the test which brings on great self loathing
and self exile into the present world of forgetfulness.  Such spirits
end up riding other animals not yet evolved to the self conscious state,
like the bodies we are in now.

     Eventually they learn the mistake they made and get to do it right.

     The second theory is much more morbid.  It says that spirits come
into this universe with a lot of powers but little brights, and end
up hurting each other with their folly, and regret it, and soon
limit themselves so they can hurt others no more.  Over many millions
of years and adventures, they are almost expiring and eventually become
bodies with no intention to leave them.  They want to live once and die.

     After a few more lives of this they decay down to where they can not
even handle a human body and they BECOME the kind of spirit that is
devoted to making the body in the first place, so they become a body
as your body is now.

     So we are either on the way up with a mild detour, or we
are on the way down or both.  Dont know.  It all sounds absurd.
With echoes of truth.

 Homer W. Smith      Too Weird To Destro  3/22/89*another question...