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Date:         Thu, 23 Mar 89 00:52:05 EST
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      Re: Contradictions...
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Wed, 22 Mar 89 14:24:12 EST from 

>Homer, in a recent posting you wrote:
>>      Every atom, molecule, organ, and animal is a spirit in
>> one or more advanced states of evolution up the spiritual ladder.
>I thought you felt that "Life is a Holo-Deck".  Let me quote you from
>the Adore introduction:
>> *      One common false certainty that most people are walking around
>> * with is that the external universe of Matter, Energy, Space and Time
>> * is not a Dream.  Life is a Holo-Deck.  And although the external
>> * universe of Matter, Energy, Space and Time is a convenient
>> * explanation for the Consistancy and Horror of this Dream, it is none
>> * the less wrong and a gigantic escape from the responsibility of
>> * having created your own existance in this Universe.  It is also an
>> * escape from your own Solo Operating Divinity.  Consciousness is
>> * real.  Matter, Energy, Space and Time are idols of stone before
>> * SOURCE.  They are a DREAM and we dream together.
>These two outtakes seem to contradict each other.  In the second
>passage, you say that matter is a dream that we (souls) have
>created.  In the first one though, you say that everything, even
>individual atoms, is a distinct soul in some level of evolution.
>Is matter a dream that I have created?  Or, is it the "body" of
>a less-developed soul?
>Also, I ask again, where do you get your ideas from?  Can you describe
>the experience(s) that gave you this information?
>                                                Jim McCabe
>                                                MCCABE @ MTUS5.BITNET

     The theory states that all matter space and time is a dream.
The physical universe however is virtualized down to the tiniest
detail in the projection, including quarks and even finer matter.

     Thus just as you have a dream body made of matter, it is
possible in this theory for other less developed souls to have
an atom, electron or a heart or lung as a body.

     I see no contradiction.  Each is dreaming its own body which
fits into the dream bodies of every other part of the universe.  In fact
the entire universe is itself the body of the highest level spirit
still in this universe.

     Just remember that each being has his own projection of the entire
system, they just happen to be in synch for all souls in the same
dream time.

     The synch happens through an internal connection between souls that
allow them to co dream similar dreams together, not through an external
common universe impinging equally on all.

     Its like playing star trek on a computer system with others at
other terminals.  Each has his own virtualize view of the universe,
but it is all synched by the common micro processor (internal) not
actual 3d space ships in the outside (external).

     Each galaxy is also a body for some spirit, and each sun and planet.

     Some say that the entire solar system is the body of the God of
this sun system, and that the planets are actually connected to the sun
via solid matter in the 4th spatial dimension.  Just as our fingers
are connected to our hands in 3 dimensions but would look like
separate circles if a 2 dimensional slice were taken.

     As for my sources, I never ever reveal sources.  Ideas should
be judged on their own merits and not by the people who say them.

     However you will find the ideas I am talking about to be a common
thread through most writings from modern day and past track religions
that have an eastern bent.

     One reason I do not reveal sources is because often the
material as written by the originator has been modified
and corrupted by followers to a point where the entire subject
is held in disrepute.

     Revealing sources leaves me open to 'ad hominem' attacks against
the validity of the data by virtue of the alleged discredit of the source.
It is fashionable to hold religions and cults and belief systems up to
ridicule by super sophisticated snot nosed mortalityism and meat ball
'I had nothing to do with being born' mentality.
I have better things to do than fill my reader with such trash.

     However two books I will mention that go very deeply into this
subject is one called 'Starmaker' by Olaf Stapleton and 'Journey
through to Space' by I don't remember.  The first is a fictionalized
account of a being (the author) who gets out of his body
by accident one night and takes a wander through the universe.
I have big disagreements with his account as he claims there is
a hell forever for some very few, and the second is a personal diary of
someone who exteriorized not only from his body but from this
entire universe.

     Please remember that not all of what I say comes from direct
experiences of my own, I am just a dumb shit like everyone else.
I speak with authority only because I am author.  Pontification
is just that.  I do however suspect that what I say is true, I would
give it probabilities around 95 percent.  The exact details of course
are very open to question, but the basic premise that the world
is a dream and beings are immortal and 100 percent self responsibile
is a very sound framework from which to view the world and see if it

     Its one flaw is that it is so DESIRABLE a theory, except of course
for grave diggers, those who want to die.  Thus one must be careful
to not just up and believe every airy fairy thing that comes along
that seems nice.

     This is a rough world, and if we are immortal and there is
a 'heaven' of eternal freedom, we must remember that that very freedom
is the freedom to trash it all for a while.  A very long while.

     Thus if there is a God, and we are such a thing ourselves,
this is also a God that is willing to play being a creature.  That
is certainly a new twist.

     Most religions would tell you that God, the Creator, made us,
the Creatures, and that we were put in a position of being tested
that God Himself never went through and would never put Himself in.

     This is just another dumb religion created by Gods (us) to
fool ourselves into slavery.

     So it goes...

 Homer W. Smith      Adore-l list         3/23/89*Contradictions...