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HELP AND INSTRUCTIONS Directory: /christine R269 Mimicry, also R2-69 R267 R2-67: Objects CCH18 CCH 18 CCH11 CCH 11 - "Make it a Little More Solid" TR10Variation Variation of TR-10 TR10 TR-10 XinesFavoriteAxiom10 Axiom 10 Process CCH10 CCH 10 - Hold It Still CCH9 CCH 9 - Keep It From Going Away SOP8C SOP 8C ObjRD8 An Objective Rundown, No. 8. CantRun8C Can't Run 8-C 8C 8C CCH8Trio CCH 8 - Trio Tactile8cb Control Process, Tacile 8Cb CCH7 CCH 7 - Contact by Duplication CCH6 CCH 6 - Objective Havingness with Body CCH5 CCH 5 - Objective Havingness TR5 TR-5 LocUndercut2WC Locational Undercut of Two-Way CCH1to4 CCH 1 to 4 OpeningProcByDup1stPostulate Opening Procedure by Duplication First Postulate RWMEST Reach and Withdraw on MEST Locations PermissiveDecisionalRehab Permissive Decision Rehabilitation WannaBe So You Want to Be OT? ButteredAllOver Buttered All Over Wisdom Separateness R2-48 Separateness SafeToLookAt What's Safe for Him to Look at? ObjHavAssists Objective Havingness - Assist for Body Parts CandleFlame ContactPresentTimeEnvironment Contact the Present Time Environment ThePurposeofCreation FightTheWall Fight the Wall ToAdoreMeansToOperate Motion Motion ObjForgettingness Objective Forgettingness HighPrayerfromAdore RWOverview Reach and Withdraw EnergySources Energy Sources ObjectiveARC Objective ARC FoundationAndImpire TwoSimilarObjects Two Objects that are Similar SecondPostolate Second Postulate WitsEnd ThirdRail Third Rail Factual Havingness WhatCouldYouHave Look Around Here, What Could You Have? HandFlapping Hand Flapping KeepItFromGoingAway Keep It From Going Away OtherPeople R2-46 Other People Halcyon AssistToMakeAPersonSober Assist to Make a Person Sober OperateasYouKind BodyDifferentiation R2-27 Body Differentiation UnitedNations Orientationoints Orientation Points BlackPerception Where Isn't Your Body Being Responsible at this Moment ObjectiveToneScaleProcess Objective Tone Scale Process ControlConnectedness Control Connectedness TRsTheHardWay From LRH ED 143 Int 21 May 1971: AssigningIdentity Assigning Identity SameSpace What Wouldn't You Mind Occupying the Same Space You Are Occupying? WhereAreYouNow R2-35 Where Are You Now? ClassIs0.memo ProcessToWidenPT Process to Widen PT DreamTime SomethingReallyReal Something Really Real PrideisAgent Mimicry Mimicry Responsibility Responsibility TRsPhenomena From LRH ED 143 Int 21 May 1971: LocationalProcess Locational Process LossOfPerson Dangerous Environment - Loss of a Person HoldingObjectsApart Holding Objects Apart FindABrandNewWorld Find a Brand New World DutiesandRights CaseOpening Case Opening CircleofFriends ControlTrio Control Trio WorldsBestPickupLine IamAlone DecideToMove Decide to Move - this is an advanced process ExactlyAsItIs Exactly As It Is MotionTolerance Motion Tolerance EnvironmentLocational Environment Locational DangerousEnvironmentWalk Dangerous Environment - Take a Walk BeyondtheAllThatIs AssignmentOfAttributes R2-32 Assignment of Attributes DirectDecisionalRehab Direct Decisional Rehabilitation Motionlessness Motionlessness DuplicationProcessForAChild Duplication Process for A Child Unspotting Unspotting Survive Survive ExtroversionBodyRoom Locational, Body and Room ThinkAPlacedThought Think A Placed Thought TimeStone HoldItStill Hold It Still GoldenKey TheSolutiontoWar ArtfulDodge SCSBody SCS on the body BuddySystem PlacesWhereYouAreNot Places Where You Are Not OughtToBe Ought to Be SCSObject SCS on an Object NonPersistence Non-Persistence Case AttentionByDuplication Attention by Duplication CausativeInstant Causative Instant ElectingCause Electing Cause SeparatenessFromObjects Separateness from Objects Water MakeItMoreSolid Make It More Solid TruthInKingArthursCourt DrugsareBadforChildren Armada WhereIs Where Is the _____ TrioValences Trio on Valences FactualHavingness Factual Havingness GodofJEM BookAndBottle Opening Procedure by Duplication TimestoneandTombstone Direction Direction TrioOnResponsibility Trio on Responsibility FriendsWithTheWorld WouldntMindForgetting Look Around Here and Find Something You Wouldn't Mind Forgetting TheAllThatIs RWAlcoholic Reach and Withdraw on an Alcoholic AnotherWidenPT Another Process to Widen PT ChoiceRehab Choice Rehabilitation HelloAndOkayAssist Hello & Okay Assist Exorcism Exorcism - New Approaches to Entity Handling KickingWalls Kicking Walls Attention Attention Creativity HEART AND SOUL: CREATIVITY AND BASIC OBJECTIVE PROCESSES Exhaustion Take a Walk - Exhaustion Overwhelming Overwhelming ToleranceOfMotionAndStillness Tolerance of Motion and Stillness BecomingDangerous Becoming Dangerous KeepItFromGoingAwayAssist Keep It From Going Away Assist ReadingRitingandRithmetic Boredom Consequences Consequences KeepItFromGoingAwayOnBodies Keep It From Going Away on the Body DirectionReversal Direction Reversal FullBodyMimicry Full Body Mimicry ObjectiveNotKnow Objective Not Know TheCodeofaConsciousDreamUnit ADivineOperatingReligionofExcellence NotTooDangerousToLike Not Too Dangerous to Like WaterlooStation Waterloo Station FatherandChild SeparatenessFromPeople Separateness from People ClassIsAnAttitude Newspaper Dangerous Environment - Newspaper SomethingYouCouldDo Look Around and Tell Me Something You Could Do AutomaticitiesDontGive Don't Give Me That Hand ControlProcess Control Process DangerousEnvironment Dangerous Environment PlacesWhereConditionDoesNotExist Places Where the Condition does not Exist Connectedness Connectedness Contact Contact UnionStation Union Station OpProBeHavDo Opening Procedure - Be, Have, and Do OccludedCase The Occluded Case JusticeofCaliber SpanningAttention R2-22 Spanning Attention Regency AllyingControl Allying Control WhatDidMyFingerJustDo What Did my Finger Just Do? RoyalKingship GlassObjects Glass Objects ObjectiveShowMe Objective Show Me UnconfrontableBeingness Unconfrontable Beingness ReachAndWithdrawAssist Reach and Withdraw Assist OneWorld Leaving Leaving and Leaves Revisited ObservationOfObjects Observation of Objects HowtoGreetSomethingYouLove ChangingMinds R2-50 Changing Minds HelloAndOkay Hello and Okay NamingObject Naming Objects WaitToSeeWhatHappens Wait to See What Happens TheOnlySin FreeZoneURLs FREE ZONE URLS IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER AND WITHOUT RECOMMENDATION DesperateBeauty The Desperate Need for Beauty CCHHavingness CCH Havingness Process OmniSovereignty MimicIt Mimic It integrity.txt also available on the web at KeepItThere Keep It There PrideSource LifeisaHolodeck TrioOnTerminals Trio on Terminals PlacesYouCanBe Give me Some Places Where You Can Be PaintandDraw RemedyOfLaughter R2-26 Remedy of Laughter ShortSpotting Short Spotting Yelling R2-57 Yelling DutiesandRightsII ThePathsofLovers HowManyCorners Air Comparison Comparison LookThemOver Look Them Over MotherandChild NoticeThe Locational Process with "Notice the _____" Appreciation CommProcessInvalid Communication Process for an Invalid

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