R2-32 Assignment of Attributes 

Creation of Human Ability (R2-32) 

The assignment of attributes is a process that uses the principle: Whatever
the person is doing obsessively or compulsively, have him do it on a
self-determined basis. Here we have the entire environment assigning
meanings and attributes to the client. It seldom occurs to the person to
assign attributes to himself. Throughout life, he has been insulted, made
nothing of, or complimented, and he has begun to depend upon
other-determined assignment of attributes. 

First, clear the word attribute as "a quality, characteristic, or ability,
factual, insulting, or flattering". 
The commands are: 

"Assign some attributes to other people." The processor continues with this
command for some time and then asks: Now have some people assign some
attributes to you," and, "Have them assign you some more attributes", then
"some more," and "have them assign you some more attributes". One then
returns to the first command with, "Assign some people some attributes" and
so forth. 

Finally, when the person is able to do this easily, the processor goes to
this step of the process. "Now assign your body some attributes", and
continue as to have the person assign attributes to his body. 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.