Assist to Make a Person Sober 

BTB 7 June 1969, Reissued 27 July 1974 "How to Make a Person Sober"
Volunteer Ministers' Handbook, Chapter on Assists 

This assist is not used to cure a person of alcoholism. The use of
locational havingness will make a drunk person sober in a very few minutes
and the cause of his need for alcohol can be audited out later. As society
currently has no technology for handling the drunk who is an embarrassment
to the police, his family, and often to himself, this process has social
value and may serve as a line of cooperation and assistance to the police. 

"Look at that ____(room object)." 
Use very good presence (TR 0). A drunk is usually considered somewhat
unconfrontable and he himself certainly cannot confront. Repeat the
command, each time pointing out a room object, as often as required to
bring the person to sobriety. Do not veer off the process (Q&A) with the
frequent comment "What object!" Just get the command carried out,
acknowledge, and give the next command.

End Point
The person returned to sobriety.

Do not ever get angry with or strike a drunk, whatever the provocation