Don't Give Me That Hand 
HCOB 3 July 1959 "General Information" 
PAB No. 133 "Procedure CCH" 

PAB No. 134 "Procedure CCH Continued" 

There is a negative side to CCH1 if the person is "withholding"
communication from you and it simply runs in smooth Tone 40. By telling him
to withhold his hand, and acknowledging it so that he receives the
acknowledgment, you are telling him to do what he has been doing all his
life and consequently you ruin that mechanism which has been "withholding"
all the while, when you take over the automaticity. 
The person will get frantic after awhile and want to give you his hand. 

"Donít give me that hand."
"Thank you."

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.