CCH 7 - Contact by Duplication 

HCOB 30 September 1971 "CCHs 5, 6, & 7" 
HCOB 11 June 1957 "Training and CCH Processes" 
PAB No. 134 "Procedure CCH Continued" 
Tape: 5705C16 "Procedure CCH Steps" 
Tape: 5705C16 "Procedure CCH Background" 
Tape: 5707C05 "Basic Theory of CCH's" 
Tape: 5708C07 "CCH, Havingness, Endurance and Processes, Communication and

This is contact by duplication. It is run on room objects and the person's
body parts. The process is used to heighten perception, orient the person,
and raise the person's havingness. Control of attention, as in all these
"contact" processes, naturally takes the attention units out of the bank,
which itself has been controlling the person's attention. 
Stress is on precision of command and motion, with each command in its own
unit of time, all commands perfectly duplicated. The person is to continue
to run process even if he dopes off. Maintain good ARC with the person. Do
not pick one body part that is aberrated at first, but flatten some
nonaberrated body part before tackling an aberrated body part. 

"Touch that table." "Thank you." 
"Touch your (body part)." "Thank you." 

"Touch that table." "Thank you." 

"Touch your (same body part)." "Thank you." 

etc. in that order. 

The processor may be seated. The person should be walking. Usually, the
processor is standing by to manually enforce commands. 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.