CCH 9 - Keep It From Going Away 

HCOB 11 June 1957 "Training and CCH Processes" 
PAB No. 131 "The Scale of Withhold" 

PAB No. 135 "Procedure CCH Continued" 

Tape: 5704C18 "Auditors Training CCH Evening" 

Tape: 5705C16 "Procedure CCH Steps" 

Tape: 5705C16 "Procedure CCH Background" 

Tape: 5707C05 "Basic Theory of CCH's" 

Tape: 5708C07 "CCH, Havingness, Endurance and Processes, Communication and

This is Tone 40 "Keep it from going away." 
The purpose of the process is to increase havingness of the person and
bring about his ability to keep things from going away, which ability lost,
accounts for the possession of psychosomatic illness. 

The stress is on precision and accuracy and finding out that this is
actually Tone 40 8-C with a thinkingness addition. This is the first step
on the route of making things solid. 

"Look at that (indicated object)." "Thank you." 
"Walk over to that (indicated object)." "Thank you." 

"Touch that (indicated object)." "Thank you." 

"Keep it from going away." "Thank you." 

And so forth. The processor and person are ambulant. The processor
assisting by manual contact. 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.