Can't Run 8-C 

Tape: 6201C23 SHSBC 103 "Basics of Auditing" 

If you want to knock over a person who is a no effect, of course, process
him with a feather. The way to handle such a case is to give them the
breath of air from a slowly wafted feather. And you will just be absolutely
amazed what will happen. 
Such a person can very often run 8C. They'll touch those walls and they'll
march over and touch the other wall, and they'll turn around, and they'll
just go on and on and on. Never a comm lag, no change of any kind. Just do
it. Nothing to it. 

Why couldn't they do it? They're not here. It doesn't bother them any. It
doesn't bother them any. They're doing it on the processor's determinism
and have no reality on it at all. Perhaps many of you have seen this
phenomenon in running 8C. 

Well, apply that to mental reactions. In other words, 8C, simple as it is,
is too far upscale for this person to run. That's all. Now, you sit down
with a very tiny, microscopic object. I'll tell you a good gag for this
person who can't run 8C like that. 

You sit down with a little microscopic object, very small, smaller than a
cigarette lighter, and sort of dull. 

"Get the idea that the (object) is there." 
"Get the idea that the (object) is not there." 

End Point
Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.