Case Opening 

PAB No. 6 "Case Opening" 

The body was made to be used, worked. Not used, it goes to the devil
quickly. The favorite whine of America is, "I don't want to work." You
might as well say, "I want to be sick." 
The American Banker has sold America and a lot of Great Britain on the
glories of getting enough saved so one can retire. Death and retirement, if
you care to look at the statistics, are damned close together. Retiring or
"going away for a rest" are usually followed by illness. The only ambition
of a sane body is to be permitted to work in harness until it drops dead in

Now you happen to be using a body. Before we worry about your mind, let's
clean up the primary communication relay point, the body. 

For two weeks, let's do these things: 
Clean up your MEST, get done the various odd jobs you've "been meaning to do." 
Bring yourself up to date socially and give a letter or ring or personal
call on people you've neglected. 
Take a one-hour walk every day, simply starting away from home very early
(dawn is best) for half an hour and then walk back, a different direction
every day. (If you can't walk, get out in the yard and throw things for a
half an hour. If you can't throw, spit at something for half and hour --
and I mean throw and spit literally.) 
Get a physical examination and if anything is chronic, get it cured. 
Take twice a day 100 mg of Vitamin B1 (200 mg. Total) and supplement it
with 250 mg. Of Vitamin C. 

End Point
If you will do these things, you will be ready in a couple weeks for some
processing. And if you feel you're in such top condition that you need no
processing, I dare you to do the above and feel the change.